Bobby Whisnand is an excellent personal fitness trainer and a dynamic motivational speaker. He has that innate ability to grab attention and maintain it. And his fitness program It’s All Heart has a unique, one-of-a-kind quality to it. It actually teaches everyone—regardless of abilities or disabilities, age, gender, or present health status. That makes him an excellent choice for corporate or support-group events, meetings, and conferences. His It’s All Heart program is rapidly becoming the center of many corporate wellness programs.

Featured Topics

“Mobility is the REAL GOLD”

Bobby brings a fresh and empowering message that will teach all who attend how to achieve independent health by investing in the one thing that is so often taken for granted; their mobility.

It’s All Heart

The most important and longest lasting relationship every single one of us will ever have is with our hearts. If we take care of our hearts, everything else will fall into place. Is it about exercise and eating right? Maybe a little, but the majority of this presentation is about taking care of our hearts by eliminating and managing stress, putting ourselves in better positions to succeed, and Bobby’s “Five Ways to Help Your Heart Help YOU.”

Is Your Workout Working Out?

This is an eye opening and very interactive presentation from Bobby, expert Fitness Trainer where everyone who attends learns about the “Top 10 Most Costly Mistakes Made in Exercise” and more importantly, how to avoid them altogether.

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Bobby's Expertise

Fitness - 100%
Performance - 100%
Health - 100%
Stress - 100%
Motivation - 100%

I found Bobby to be a truly warm, funny and down-to-earth kind of guy. His It's All Heart presentation at my company had shown me correct workout postures. They were fun and easy too. Thank you so much Bobby!


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