Clifton Thomas, MD teaches individual performance and how to have a successful eating plan with emphasis on the individual. The program difference is one on one nutritional and exercise advice with Dr. Thomas the author of the #1 bestselling weight loss surgery book, “Skinny Jeans at Last” and is an expert on nutrition and exercise. Dr. Thomas believes the secret to long-term weight loss success is locking in a small number of eating rules and has a unique “one on one” approach to help you lock in these habits. Experts come from experience. Experts give advice. Following that advice requires work. Work takes energy. So maybe, before you take action and use your precious energy on a new journey of change, you should know the experts story.

Cliff Thomas, surgeon, entrepreneur, author and lover of life uses his skill-set to help change lives and heal. His perspectives on healthy eating and nutrition come not because he’s an M.D., but from more than 30 years of experiences as an M.D.  Mentored at an early age by an uncle that was an amazing healer. Although his uncle was an excellent surgeon, he knew that many times patients did not require a surgery, a shot, or a pill. They just needed someone to listen and understand. Throughout medical school, residency, and private practice the gastrointestinal tract function and malfunction drew his most passionate attention.

Cliff’s experiences with trauma, pediatric surgery, and major burns taught him about nutrition and how the body responds to nutrition giving him a unique perspective.  His practice narrowed to surgery to promote weight loss where he began to fully understand what his uncle taught him.

“I found that the patients often needed more than a pill, a diet, or a surgery.” Cliff Thomas, M.D.


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Weight Loss - 100%
Performance - 100%
Nutrition - 100%
Success - 100%
Motivational - 100%

My life has completely changed. Not only has my health gotten better, but I have also gained a whole new self-confidence. Although I am still working to reach my goal. I am so thankful to all the wonderful information Dr. Thomas shares about long term weight loss.


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