John Getter has interviewed some of the world’s most exceptional people. John gathered first-hand accounts of extraordinary adventures and journeys to greatness. He helps audiences understand that excellence is a choice and that amazing achievements are a way of life that can be learned. John earned his reputation as a pre-eminent storyteller early in his broadcasting career. Journalism gave him the opportunity to enjoy direct relationships. Achievers such as Ringling Brothers clown Lou Jacobs and physicist and hydrogen bomb developer Edward Teller shared critical core traits with Neil Armstrong, first human to walk on the moon, and Sally Ride, the first America woman in space. They chose to strive for excellence and achieved it. They were driven by curiosity and never lost their childhood desire to constantly explore.

Featured Work

  • Be a Moonwalker
  • Spaceships Have No Rearview Mirrors
  • Telling the Truth Early, Often and Well
  • You Can’t Afford to Be Mediocre
  • Excellence is a Choice

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Storytelling - 100%
Achievement - 100%
Excellence - 100%
Success Drive - 100%

Featured Testimonial John tells stories that will impact your audience. If you want a great program that will inspire, teach and lift up your audience choose John Getter you will be glad you did.

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