CEO and Founder Latrice Collins has created powerful individualized tools for driving results. These tools IGNITE YOUR BRAND. Our dynamic tools include, The Career Brand 360TM evaluation site, books, workshops, self-pace programs and keynote addresses. If you are serious about your growth and advancement, we are the company for you.

You might ask, what’s a brand? A brand is simply the thought or feel we have about a company, person or thing as a result of the various encounters we have with them. Each time you see an advertisement, read an email, use a product, or speak to a person, you form an opinion about the person or company. That opinion becomes their brand.

A career brand represents how other people see your ability to perform a job. Your career brand can range from superior to mediocre. What do you think are possible impacts to having a mediocre brand? What are perks to having an exceptional or superior brand?

One significant challenge faced by millions of people every day is the inability to communicate effectively in the workplace. In reality, communication is the foundation for success and failure in nearly every aspect of life.

Finding a job is rarely an accident. It requires hard work, a solid plan, and coaching from proven leaders in the field.

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Latrice's Expertise

The Career Brand - 100%
Management - 100%
Culture - 100%
Communication - 100%

“Latrice Collins has created revenue opportunities and expense savings that often result in multi-million dollar impact to our business. She creates value through the mentoring (both formally as well as informally).”

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