Playing a bigger game has been the life story of Rowdy Mclean, getting great results is part of his makeup, making sure outcomes are delivered or exceeded has been his path to success. Exceptional drives business. Entrepreneur Profitability Expert, Rowdy McLean is always looking for ways to be the best and help you Play a Bigger Game. Rowdy says, “For me speaking is no different, get the job done, get great results, and smashing the outcomes is what I want and no doubt you do too.” He retired at 34, his book “Play a Bigger game” was featured at this years London book fair and has been published in 7 countries.
Rowdy is one of the rare speakers that is a combination of experience, expertise, engagement and entertainment in one package. A master storyteller, he keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, hanging on every word.

Nominated for keynote speaker of the year in Australia for the current year, he shares his no nonsense approach to motivation, leadership and business in a way that people “get it”. Rowdy not only provides audiences with ideas for the future but the inspiration and motivation to execute on these ideas in a way that guarantee’s a standing ovation.

Featured Topics

Play a Bigger Game: I want a team of employees that is highly motivated and engaged. A team that loves what they do and is always getting better at it.

Exceptional Leadership: Leadership matters. I want a leadership group that is at the top of their game, a respected cohesive unit that develops ideas and executes on them.

Changing the Game: We are not making the progress we would like. I want to step things up, kickstart becoming exceptional and start getting great results.

Culture of Excellence: I want an organization where employee’s are amazing ambassadors for our business and customers are raving fans.

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Rowdy's Expertise

Team Performance - 100%
Goal Setting - 100%
Play Bigger - 100%
Excellence - 100%
Motivation - 100%

Rowdy is simply sublime. In his presentations he paints a picture of his own life story that is so utterly compelling, vivid and authentic it is as if we have lived every step with him. Throughout the laughter, tears and exhilaration Rowdy’s message is unmistakable; attitude shapes outcomes and our attitude is our choice. His enthusiasm, strength of character and belief that we can all “play a bigger game” is totally infectious. The long queue of delegates who wait to talk to Rowdy at the end of every presentation is not just testament to the sheer brilliance of his presentation but to the way connects with the audience and the openness that he clearly conveys onstage.

Helen AinsworthConference and Marketing Manager, Executive Assistant Network


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