Arthur Brite is an international Keynote Speaker, National Radio Talk Show Host, National Sales Trainer for over 25 years and an Interview Expert who has conducted over 2500 interviews. Arthur uses his dynamic and passionate style to educate, entertain and develop highly successful people.  No need to reinvent the wheel, Arthur is ready to hand you the keys to the kingdom with a dynamic, humorous, interactive, fun and educational presentation that will have your audience excited, entertained, laughing, out of their seats and ready to take on the world.


“There are no extraordinary people, only ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Give me 15 minutes and we will find your extraordinary together”.

Featured Topics:

4 C’s to Business Success

There are 4 C’s (Commitment, Communication, Connection, Creativity) that will bring you 2 C’s (Confidence & Control) and guarantee success in business and life every time! Arthur will show you how to use each of these to be a Winner!  It’s all about Building Relationships, and that is the most important ingredient to Win in Life!  We all want to be successful and happy in our lives and careers.  So what’s holding us back?

  • Knowledge on how to build relationships in business
  • Create a positive, dynamic working environment
  • Fool-proof system to build trust and achieve success
  • Communication ensures understanding

Building Relationships with Anyone in Business

Let your audience in on this unique, proven formula for success that has worked for so many businesses around the world to achieve the success they desire!  They will have an amazing time, laughing, pumping their fists, and ready for action when they leave with the tools to make it happen!  Arthur promises your audience will leave motivated, excited and truly have a great time as they are taking control and changing their lives.  Career development, improved job performance and personal happiness are just some of the benefits when we each take control with confidence that we can win!

  • Overcome, adapt and thrive
  • Improve job performance
  • Take control with confidence

Communicating as a Leader

Extraordinary is attainable for everyone, not just a chosen few. We put others on a pedestal and view extraordinary as unattainable by the common man. All those people started out the same way and became extraordinary in one aspect of their life while continuing to be quite ordinary in other aspects, just like you! People are people.

Don’t sell yourself short! Once we realize this concept, we are empowered to go out and make our dreams happen. We understand we will fail in order to succeed.

Find Your Extraordinary

What people are saying…

Suracy Insurance Agency

“Arthur has been both a tremendous friend and mentor to me during the last few years. We met when I joined the NAMI Geauga board and he was the President. Immediately, he made me feel welcomed and took me under his wing since I was the youngest board member. He helped teach me about how boards operate, how to lead and make a nonprofit successful, and has gone out of his way to help coach me in my business career. He’s one of my most trusted friends and colleagues, and he does a fantastic job of coaching, leading, and motivating you to help you recognize your true potential.”

The Haudenschild Group

“As anyone who speaks with Arthur will quickly recognize, his positive attitude and style is not just motivational but a strength he brings each day!”

ESQR European Society for Quality Research

“Arthur Brite is a dynamic, exciting motivational speaker and someone we will continue to use in the future. He has spoken in Rome and Brussels to our International Gold Award winners for the ESQR, European Society for Quality Research. The audience of worldwide CEOs and company presidents were riveted by his presentations on Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance. His talks were perfect, and the audience was completely enthralled and entertained. Arthur is an exceptional keynote speaker and person.”


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This book will empower your team, management and anyone currently hustling in the corporate world. By listening, you show respect and build trust to strengthen your relationship with your people. Too often, I saw managers who felt they were “the smartest person in the room.” That led to many bad, uninformed and costly decisions.

Arthur Brite shares experiences and lessons from over 37 years of working for market leaders in the corporate world. This book will inform and inspire management and employees alike with stories and examples of best practices and guidelines for success. Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd and maneuver through corporate politics and culture successfully. Apply Arthur’s methods for problem-solving which encourage creative solutions and accountability instead of stagnation. Develop the character traits that will make you stand out and succeed in your work and personal life. Earn respect, trust and loyalty from colleagues and create an atmosphere where you can all grow and succeed — and enjoy doing so.

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Arthur's Expertise

Sales Performance - 100%
Time Management - 100%
Attitude - 100%
Excellence - 100%
Success - 100%

``As anyone who speaks with Arthur will quickly recognize, his positive attitude and style is not just motivational but a strength he brings each day!``

The Haudenschild Group