Benjamin Gruita is an industry expert in the field of immersive technology. He was a recent technology guest on the highest-rated show in the Fox Business Network line-up. He has given tech talks at Yale, MIT and is scheduled to speak at other prestigious universities. He is often interviewed and writes tech articles for national magazines. His clientele rolodex ranges from foreign governments, global corporations and billion dollar private corporations to children’s hospitals and non-profit organizations. After looking at some of his work his kids once even told him he was “a cool dad”. They quickly changed their mind after hearing his latest dad joke.

Featured Topics:

Utilizing Emerging Technology to Stay Ahead of Your Market Trends and Competitors

In this funny yet insightful keynote, Benjamin will explore technology that in less than 2 years will impact everything you do from the time you wake up and when you go to bed. Using real-life examples, expensive studies, and showing you hardware that the public isn’t able to buy for months if not years, Benjamin will help you move from “maybe this will happen to my industry” to “I need to get ahead of this”.

Review of how the consumer has utilized technology up until now and what have the trends shown.

An in-depth look at Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.

We’ll take a deep dive into upcoming AR/VR wearable tech.


 A discussion of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology, and its impact on the RE Advisory/Investment industry. Who owns the data? Who monetizes from the data/images? How is consent derived? How is all of this implemented?

What people are saying..

Zach Kassebaum

Ben Gruita is a very skilled and talented communicator.  He passionately presents the product and the information.

Yale Real Estate Conference

Ben is a thought leader on AR/VR and delivered an inspirational talk to the future leaders of business and society on the applications of augmented and virtual reality in the world of real estate and beyond!

Sr. Partner

Ben gave a lively presentation as to AR and VR tech devices and applications at our Yale Real Estate Conference.  He showed how much of this technology is already in use and how its use will explode in the coming years, all of which will have deep effects on the companies and consumers.

Quote :

“Technology will never wait for you to catch up. Be an industry leader and let your competitors be the followers”.

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Ben Gruita is a very skilled and talented communicator. He passionately presents the product and the information.

Zach Kassebaum