David Webster is an Emmy-Award-Winning global speaker and trainer who has enjoyed an extensive and successful career to date. Currently, he delivers more than fifty speeches and workshops per year.  David is fortunate enough to have gained a reputation and a VHTA “Rising Pineapple” Award for performing very powerful speeches.  His workshops provoke more sustainable positive behavioral change than competing communication trainers because his approach is not rhetorical.  
He leaves each attendee with exact methods and tools for positive persuasion, workplace harmony, client satisfaction and increased sales.  With a few staff-wide agreements in place, overall behavior drastically improves and revenue increases immediately.  
David Webster’s feedback scores are always most impressive!
 If I test your staff, they will succeed in satisfying only 30-50% of your clients when they are upset or complain, when I teach your staff my formulas they will succeed over 90% of the time sustainably!  –David Webster

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David's Expertise

Corporate Improv - 100%
Comedy - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Client Satisfaction - 100%

This guy right here, David Webster, is amazing! Had an opportunity to meet him a few months back at a Spirit of Service training class at my job, and the testimonies he shared were life changing experiences. I believe everyone in leadership roles and employees should attend this training. Most everyone in the training sessions walked away with tools that took us to a new level in services!! Love him to life!!

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