Eric Kelly has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of people development. He has led the training and development efforts of major Fortune 500 corporations ranging from telecommunications, transportation, major airlines and oil services companies. His diverse industry experience has given him a broad insight into successfully managing the human factors associated with strategic execution and organizational change. As an executive coach, he has helped scores of Fortune 500 leaders in their efforts to increase their own personal effectiveness. He has international experience in leading developmental initiatives in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. It is from this wealth of experience that he shares what he has learned with audiences worldwide.

As a successful competitive athlete, he brings to the table experience in winning against all odds whether in business or in life. Eric blends wit and wisdom into an informative, entertaining and masterful public speaking style. His experience has made him a much sought after national presenter at business conferences, universities and civic events.

Featured Topics

Leading the Crazies

Don’t spend another minute wishing the people on your team were sane. They’re not and they’re not going to be ‘normal’ anytime soon. However, you can still guide them to unparalleled success using a few basic principles of relationship management. Eric shares strategies of how you can lead your team to success despite all the differences that they have. He shows you how to create a culture of winning and sharing success.

• Explore the impact of personal programming on your team members behavior
• Learn the basic principles of keeping work relationships on track
• Discover the magic phrase that creates an almost instant connection
• Learn to harness the power of your collective ‘team’ mind
• Develop a meaningful reward system for continued team achievement

Building Credibility – Non-Verbal Communication

It is accepted thought that nonverbal communication may convey more meaning than verbal communication, depending on the circumstances. Most people subconsciously trust forms of nonverbal communication over verbal communication creating a dilemma for many people. Eric shares techniques that ensure credibility by aligning what one says with how one truly feels.

• Identify the vital elements of nonverbal communication
• Distinguish nonverbal communication from Body Language and Dress for Success
• Identify the six categories of nonverbal symbols
• Behave ‘nonverbally competent’ in all areas of life


It’s All About People

Project managers are usually tasked with some form of project governance while attempting to maintain a positive relationship with their internal clients. This is a tightrope indeed! They must satisfy the finance group by keeping everything under budget and the delivery group by making sure everything is executed on time. The project manager’s success depends on their ability to understand who they work with and the best way to influence and guide during the process.

We do a simple DISC behavior style-assessment (word association-paper copy) and help participants understand the various personality styles they will encounter. Then we share strategies on how to use emotional intelligence to ‘surf’ business challenges. We end with follow up with some tried and true communications strategies that support achievement and relationships simultaneously.


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Eric's Expertise

Business - 100%
Success - 100%
Team Performance - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Communication - 100%

Eric never ceased to impress me with his presentation, training and leadership skills. He could take center stage as if he had been groomed for that and nothing else, yet he delivered his messages in an almost subliminal manner. He was very effective.

Tony HoggWCE Consultant



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