“Willene is one of the best agents in the business of getting paid speaking engagements. She’s an expert at knowing what is needed to get the interest and commitment from speaker’s bureaus and other avenues for paid speaking. If I could only hire one person to help me be successful in my business, it would be Wilene Dunn.”  Kay Smith, Communications and Image Consultant at Energy Dressing

“Wilene has been booking me as a keynote speaker and corporate emcee for several years now. She consistently delivers appearances for me across the country and facilitates everything from the initial information to the executed contract and more, every last detail. I honestly could not do this without her.”  Dayna Steele – Keynote Speaker and Author

“Wilene always goes above and beyond to service her clients and her clientele. Her attention to detail and follow up in marketing gives her an edge over other managers. With a positive attitude and a smile to every situation, I look forward to doing business with her when the opportunity arises.  Working with Wilene gives me a new perspective on how business can be run. A unique perspective and a willingness to go that extra mile, makes her a shining star. ” Melanie Mitchell – Overall Productions

“Wilene understands her client’s needs and is then able to craft great solutions. Her marketing prowess is exceptional because she is a connector and stays in continuous contact. Wilene builds trust and maintains win-win relationships with her clients.”  Ron Rael, CEO and Founder at The High Road Institute

“I’ve known and worked with Wilene for many years, and I have yet to find anything that she cannot master. She is a motivated, driven, accomplished and successful business woman who leaves nothing to chance. Her ability to find and book speakers is very impressive, and because she is an out-of-the-box thinker, she always finds a way.” Loyal and committed, she stands out in a sea of providers who don’t offer that level of service.  Vicki Shultz, President GPS

“Wilene is a very thorough and passionately committed person to her client base at all times. She is constantly looking for ways to better serve her clients either through her own skill sets or through her network of professional contacts in the markets that she serves. She is a powerhouse when it comes to the areas of her expertise.  YOU cannot go wrong in hiring her, using her services, or contacts at any time. She is an amazing person who manages to keep all her plates spinning at the same time while conveying no effort at all. Magical talent she has!!    Claire SansaricqSr. Account Executive

“I have known Wilene for several years as a competitor and now as a friend. Wilene will go above and beyond to ensure that her clients are happy and satisfied with the service she provides. With her network of contacts she will achieve the impossible to come through in the end for her customers and friends. If you need a “super star” look no further.  Lou Garcia, Copy Source 1, LTD.

“While working with Wilene, I have no doubt my business needs will be cared for with integrity.” Kathy Simmons