Before transitioning into the business world Preston Stevens spoke to and worked with students in his community and internationally for over a decade. He has recently resumed traveling speaking to students and partnering with organizations that have outreaches to at risk youth. Preston is a graduate from South Western University Waxahachie TX with a BS degree in Business Administration, is a Certified Project Management Professional, (PMP), completed the Josh Shipp-Youth Speaker University training program, and is a Veteran who served in the United States Air force. Preston also completed the Seal-Fit Leadership Unbeatable Mind Training Program and continues in the Advanced Program with the coaches at the Seal-Fit Academy.

Preston has been able to fulfill his promise of being the dad he always wanted and was fortunate to be actively involved in the lives of both his sons while they were growing up. Preston’s passion to see more young people overcome circumstances, break negative family cycles, and reach their potential has stayed with him and fueled him to in 2015 found The Power of Won Organization which mission is to Inspire, Train, and Connect students.

Band-Aids don’t fix Bullet holes:
It is true band aids do not fix bullet holes. It is also true young people often try to fix the hurt, emptiness, disappointments, and struggles with things that like a band aid will not truly stop the “bleeding” of deep wounds and the feeling of no significance and hopelessness.
In this message the students will learn what will truly fix the deep wounds, give them strength, and courage to overcome circumstances they face while growing up. They will also learn how to develop purpose and passion to make a difference in the world.

Accept the Mission- You Were Born To Make a Difference- Become a 21st Century Warrior
Have you ever heard someone refer to a person as a “Warrior for Christ” Or, say that person has a “warrior’s spirit.” We often refer to athletes and very successful business people as “warriors”. Why? What does “Warrior” mean? Why is absolutely critical in the times we are living in for the church to live a Warriors life?

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Your students will not just be inspired during the Assembly but through the Power of Won Website they will have an opportunity to get further training and take action on the decisions they were inspired to make during the assembly.


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