There is a need for mentoring in the marketplace, maybe you have not experienced the following issues in interviews; however, there is a great advantage to having a mentoring program.  USA Today reports, “People who work in HR are starting to speak out about the weird behavior of millennials during job interviews. Recent college grads are wearing clothing inappropriate for the office, having their parents call to negotiate salary, and texting during meetings. You know, because “hey, what’s up” can’t wait until the end of an important 15 minutes that can decide your career. The most bizarre of them all is the story of a college senior bringing her cat to interview for a corporate position at American Eagle as a buyer. Not only did she come to the office with her house pet, she continued to play with it on the recruiter’s desk throughout the interview.” Here are some practical ways to start a mentoring program.

1.  Fully Distinguish: Coaching, Advising and Mentoring from each other and reveal when each is appropriate.

2.  Listening – Distinguish the full range of listening including active to distracted, the filters we listen through, and listening as if one is about to hear the most important thing ever.

3.  Being A Keen Observer – How effective coaching is possible because the coach is able to see what the person being coached cannot – patterns of behavior and results, facts vs.interpretation.

4.  Speaking Intentionally

5. From Insight to Action, Accountability & Acknowledgement

6. Choosing a Mentor or Mentee

Susan Bender Phelps who runs Odyssey Mentoring and Leadership has trained hundreds in the art and science of professional and youth mentoring, leadership and communication. Throughout her career, she has produced success after success in marketing, advertising and public relations – increased sales, broadened customer bases, community action, and media campaigns. She has more than 25 years of hands-on business, management and public speaking experience. She holds a Masters degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. Her new e-book, “Aspire Higher,” tells compelling success stories of career mentoring.

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