Do you ask yourself the question, “why am I not getting booked or hired?”

You are working hard as an emerging speaker, trainer or coach or you’ve been doing it for years. You have spent time and money on platform skills, product development and how to position yourself as a speaker, trainer or coach and you are barely getting by financially. So you go to another seminar and learn how to write more blogs, use social media, send out newsletters and still where’s the money?

Over the last 3 weeks I have signed up for 5 free training courses. In the correspondence, I was offered the opportunity to have a conversation with each one of the course creators. I filled out my paperwork and requested a one on one consultation. I fully expected to take one or more of the programs and pay for them. However, I never got any calls but I did start getting free email e-course information. I even sent requests to speakers through their own speaker websites and didn’t receive a response and I had work for them.

A close friend of mine recently called the Vice President of a clothing store and offered to promote the product in a billion dollar industry and though the secretary was thrilled, the V.P. never called back. I’ll make you a bet that sometime in the next week they are going to be in a meeting talking about how to increase sales.

You close your eyes at night as a speaker, trainer or coach creating product, creating courses and then you wonder why you are barely making ends meet?

As Dayna Steele so eloquently wrote in Your Daily Success Tip this week, call or email people back!

“One of the fastest, cheapest ways to thrill a fan or delight a customer (or potential customer for that matter) is to simply reply to his or her message, even better if you can do it quickly. That’s it. Want to stand out in the crowd? Do what others are apparently neglecting. Simply reply.”

Maybe you are getting all the money you need off of your marketing and you do not need personal customers? Maybe you have allowed others to convince you that this is the way to make more money?

I do not know what you have decided about your speaking, coaching, training career but if you are not corresponding with people personally or have someone doing it for you on a regular basis, you will not grow your business. Even with all the social media we as a nation still prefer good customer service and personal relationships.

Don’t you?

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