You went to a networking event and you hit the jackpot in business cards, congratulations! You met 25 people and you only accepted business cards as they were offered by the interested parties that wanted you to have their cards. You get home, you carried those cards with you all night and now they have residence at your home.

Now open your desk drawer…

How many business cards are sitting in your drawer and how many did you actually:

  • Contact after the meeting?
  • Put into your contact management database or your address book?
  • Contacted with a nice to meet you email or handwritten note?

If you are going to spend your time networking and connecting with associates, get back in touch with those people. If you are not meeting the individuals that you would want to re-engage with, then change your networking groups.

Here’s the challenge:

Go to a networking event and everyone you meet, agree to have a conversation with those people sometime in the week to follow. Then come back and post a comment on my Facebook page or tweet my Twitter with your stories of how those connections developed.


Get honest and tell the individual at the networking event: “keep your card, I will never contact you.” I have 150 cards in my desk drawer that have never seen the light of day… but it sure was nice to meet you.

I promise that you are missing an opportunity if you connected enough to exchange business cards. There is something else for you to discover or maybe not, but how will you ever know if your networking end results are to fill up your desk drawer with business cards?


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