I have the opportunity and honor to speak with amazing people daily who are making big changes in the marketplace and our world with the messages that they present.  There is a common denominator of those that want to influence change; they have a high level of appreciation for mankind.  Have you ever stopped to think about those speakers and trainers that travel the world with a message to help others, what are they sacrificing?

Dan Holdridge who is a 9/11 survivor talks about appreciation vs. entitlement in a speech called, “Walk In Each Others Shoes.”  Understanding that the shoes you wear won’t educate you.

  • Only when we step out of our comfort zone, do we have the ability to appreciate each others challenges 
  • Finding the strength to let go of our “attitudes of entitlement”, will strengthen us personally – for the positive
  • The fear of change will grow our sense of entitlement to stay the same.  The appreciation of a better tomorrow is something we can embrace today that wipes the fears away
  • Challenges – corporate and personal – come typically from a lack of communication and understanding.  Change the way we walk & talk daily and discover abilities you never knew you had. Do it today!

We are all contributors to each others lives, are you giving appreciation or do you think you are entitled?  Take a moment to appreciate everything and everyone around you, including YOU! 

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