What’s Going On with My Team?

Odds are, something has gone wrong in your organization recently. Maybe it even happened today. So, what did you do? Did you spend significant time and energy agonizing over the problem? Did you find the person responsible and dress them down for their mistake?

In most circumstances, problems occur within teams because of a systems problem and not a people problem. Your team member likely failed because they did not have the necessary or correct information to fulfil the task well. Your team member didn’t fail, their leader did.

That is why we recommend aiming to become a “no blame” leader. Of course, there will be situations of blatant defiance or ambivalence from time to time, but if you stop to consider the reason for the error, you can probably connect it to a failed system.

Put your time and energy into fixing the system and teaching the error without blaming the individual.

Building your leaders first through leadership development plans will ultimately support your team and every individual from leader forward. If you create this sense of “no blame” within your organization, you can expect to see higher levels of engagement and productivity. Learning to tackle difficult problems using difficulties as development opportunities.

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