Mary Jane Mapes has redefined the prescription for building strong relationships – the bedrock of leadership and sales achievement. She believes success takes root to grow and prosper when leaders IGNITE greatness by scaling leadership, first within themselves and then within the organization – the key to cultivating a culture of fearless participation.

As President and CEO of The Aligned Leader Institute, LLC, Mary Jane specializes in helping leaders and sales professionals develop irresistible influence and take relationships and business results higher through deeper connections. The result? More influence – deeper trust and commitment – greater customer satisfaction and loyalty – more engaged workforce – higher performing team!

Entertaining and highly engaging, Mary Jane is a nationally accredited speaker with an uncanny ability to hit the stage, creating an instant connection with her audience. She consistently harvests rave reviews for her thought-provoking content, laugh-out-loud humor, and life-changing ideas.

What Drives Mary Jane

A leader by nature, she trained and honed her skills and shared this expertise with leadership teams of some of the world’s largest companies. As an executive coach, speech coach, international keynote speaker, consultant and best-selling author, Mary Jane has helped thousands of people melt walls of isolation, build winning teams, get promoted to the highest levels, receive large pay-increases, and sell multi-million-dollar projects.

Featured Topics:

You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing

Maximize Your Influence, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Let’s face it – cooperative, productive, mutually rewarding relationships are good for business! Strong relationships lead to greater trust, more repeat business, less stress, and increased productivity and profitability.

What Does P.I.G. Mean?  The P.I.G. Perspective is outlined in Mary Jane’s popular book, You CAN Teach a PIG to Sing. It states there are all kinds of P.I.G.s: Pesky Incessant Gripers, Painfully Intolerable Gasbags, Particularly Irritating Guys or Gals, Pompous Inane Glory-hounds, or even Pretty Influential Guys and Gals. Unfortunately, it can be tough for different P.I.G.s to connect and communicate. But with a little understanding, self-awareness, and know-how, all kinds of P.I.G.s can work together to become People Igniting Greatness!

Unlocking the Power of Executive Presence

Secrets to Your Ability to Engage, Influence and Lead

Executive Presence is more than simply the buzz word of the day. It is without a doubt the corporate it factor – directly linked to your ability to get noticed, create trust, and become a people magnet—the go to person to help solve problems and the one from whom others seek advice—the one with real STAR quality. It’s something that can be developed, and Mary Jane’s program, Unlocking the Power of Executive Presence shows you how.

People, Performance & Productivity

Different behavioral styles reveal themselves in distinct patterns of observable behavior. Being able to recognize these patterns, or “read people,” is an element of emotional intelligence, and it’s a key skill for leading and motivating others.

This fast-paced, rib-tickling presentation is based on Mary Jane’s years of experience in teaching behavioral style differences to leadership and sales teams across the country. She helps audience members recognize themselves, their bosses, team members and customers at their behavioral best and worst.

What people are saying…

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor

Mary Jane increased my confidence and gave me the tools to speak in public and articulate a business plan.

Direct of Health Care Services

Mary Jane brings a unique, genuine energy to any conversation with an individual that’s looking for growth in the leadership field.

Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Michigan State University

I have taught and listened to numerous lectures on leadership. Never have I heard it presented in such a simple and clear manner as Mary Jane presented it today.


“Imagine for a moment how your business or organization could be transformed by people who ignite greatness by scaling leadership — first within themselves, then in their team, and finally throughout the organization.


Do you have a PIG in your life? Do you live or work with a Particularly Irritating Guy or Gal or a Painfully Intolerable Griper? PIGs can be found anywhere, anytime, in any venue, and if you have one (or more) in your life, this book is for you. In You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing, Mary Jane Mapes serves up an unusual and appealing approach for dealing with the less than perfect people in your life. If you find yourself frequently annoyed, exasperated and at the end of your rope because of a PIG, don’t give up.

In my five years of interviewing the twelve powerful women leaders profiled in this book, I could clearly detect the personal power each developed through the decisions and choices she made at critical times in her life. Though each leader took a unique path, similarities between these women emerged: cultivating competency, connectivity, and strong character.

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Mary Jane increased my confidence and gave me the tools to speak in public and articulate a business plan.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor