Anna Liotta, CEO of Resultance, guides you to overcome the generation gap so you can effectively communicate and develop meaningful relationships with team members and clients of all ages. Each generation has something new. What makes them tick and what ticks them off? Unlocking Generational Codes. Anna Liotta is a communications consultant specializing in generational leadership, diversity and sales solutions. She is passionately dedicated to supporting leaders serving the generations through professional development and consulting. As a leader— in a global, multi-generational workplace – your ability to motivate, mentor and inspire talent of all ages to reach their potential, is integral to being profitable in business today and tomorrow.

Most companies claim, “What makes us different is how we serve our clients and customers.” But all too often, what is really happening is they are treating each generation of customers EXACTLY the same. Without knowing it, they are ticking them off and pushing them away!

One size fits all is NOT a pattern for success, when it comes to multi-generational customer service.

Featured Topics

  • What Makes the Generations Tick and What Ticks Them OFF!
  • Managing, and Motivating the Generations – Leading Across the Generations
  • Generationally Savvy Selling – Selling Across the Generations

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Anna's Expertise

Generational Intelligence - 100%
Diversity - 100%
Communication - 100%
Sales Solutions - 100%
Generational Leadership - 100%

Anna's presentation, and in far more detail, her book, does a great job of creating an understanding of the ''generational mindset''. This segmentation explains the perspective of interaction between different age groups. From a sales perspective, it provides another tool in the arsenal of how to develop and nurture effective relationships -- which are, of course, the ultimate key to sales success. Great job -- thank you!

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