April Brown is a veteran auctioneer with over 23 years specializing in fundraising auctions. She has personally conducted over 3000 auctions and advised and guided hundreds more through the process of planning and executing a fun and profitable event.  In 2011, April Brown shared a poem on a blog. The poem is called “The Dash” by Linda Ellis. That simple act of sharing put her on a collision course with one of the Internet’s most notorious copyright trolls.  When the author discovered the post she accused Brown of theft, plagiarism and copyright infringement. Instead sending asking Brown to remove the poem or send a Cease and Desist Order, she threatened to sue her in Federal court for $150,000 in damages plus attorney fees. Ellis demanded a payoff of $7,500 if Brown wanted to avoid litigation and the heavier fine and criminal penalties. Brown refused to surrender to the intimidating tactic and chose instead to warn others. The amazing story is chronicled in the new release “Poetic Justice.” 

Featured Topics

  • “Beware Don’t Share” The Hope of Preventing Internet Scam Victims
  • Poetic Justice” Discloses the Seedy World of Copyright Extortion.

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April's Expertise

Charity Auctions - 100%
Inspiration - 100%
Copyright Infringement - 100%
Internet Scams - 100%
Social Media - 100%

The best fund raising decision I ever made was hiring Charity Auction World for our annual auction and gala. It was a bit more expensive than the auctioneers we've used in the past, but the result was over the top! WOW! It was a record night!


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