From an early age Chris Majer demonstrated a great capacity for leadership or trouble making – depending on your point of view. In high school he played a bit of football, played in a rock band and was going steady with the home coming queen. At the University of Washington in the spring of 1970 he was leading anti-war protests while back home his father was chairman of the draft board. At the U of W he captained the Rugby team, was elected to the student governing council and got deeply interested in politics as the means to bring about change in the world.

He earned a BA in political science and went on to study organization development, earning an MPA from the school of public administration. Along the way he worked with the new county executive to make a transition to a new form of government, spent time in Alaska flying around to native villages to help set up village corporations and governments as part of the implementation of the Native Claims Settlement Act, and took an active role in a host of political campaigns.

Featured Work

      #1. The Organization of the Future

The premise here is that the corporate world is still operating with the outdated thinking and practices of the industrial era. We have entered a new historical era that we have called the Coordination Era and this new era has a new type of workforce (it isn’t about age as much as competence and drivers) and this new workforce requires new organizational structures and standards as well as new leadership and management practices. Those companies that stay stuck in the past will quickly find themselves left behind in a game where it is increasingly difficult to catch up. I will show people how we arrived at this historical crossroads, what the price of the status quo is (in real dollars) and point the way to a new future.

Take aways:

1. We are at a critical moment in time and the failure to made substantive changes will likely prove fatal for a number of companies.
2. The new historical era – the coordination era – has a new type of worker and requires a new type of organizational structure as well as new leadership and management practices.
3. There are some companies that ‘get it’, have made the changes and are thriving!
4. There is a proven methodology by which you can make the transition (we happen to have it)

#2. The Real World of Teams

Everybody talks about teams, wants to be on a winning team, knows that teamwork is essential to the success of their organization, and almost nobody really knows what it takes to build and lead a high performing or world class team. Chris Majer and his HP2 team started out working with sports and military teams. They worked with national, Olympic and professional sports teams, and elite teams from the Army, Navy, and Marines. As a result of this work he has developed a unique and distinctly successful approach to building and leading teams. In this talk/presentation he will share with you his own history as a member of a high-performing sports team and how he took that success and built it into a world class training and development team.

In this presentation you will learn:

1. A real team is built on a distinct set of commitments – you will learn what they are.
2. Once you learn the power of the commitments that constitute a team you become a manager of commitments – not activities which is what most current management theory and practice is oriented on.
3. You will get some great examples of how to build teams and some examples of how not to do it.
4. You will find out why most organizations are not very good at building and leading teams.
5. You will get a basic road map for how to do it!

#3. Tales of Transformation – What it really takes to transform your organization and secure your future.

The business world of today is moving at a pace that was unimaginable a generation ago and the only thing we know with certainty is that the pace of change is going to increase. That’s probably not news. Here is the dilemma. Most of our organizations are built on an industrial era model that makes change difficult, slow, and painful. You won’t get to the future you want with that sort of internal process. Chris Majer and his HP2 team have been designing and delivering large scale organizational transformation projects for 25 years. His clients have included AT&T, Intel, Microsoft, Allianz, Amgen, Capital One, Cargill, and a host of others. In this presentation he will share with you both what it really takes to transform an organization and why the vast majority of efforts fail. Why is this important? Because most companies are meeting the tectonic changes that the world is dishing up with puny “change management” processes and programs and to put it bluntly….they can’t and don’t work. If you want to build a sustainable competitive advantage you need to build the capacity for transformation into your organizational DNA. Chris will show you how to do that.

In this presentation you will learn:

1. The critical elements or structure of an authentic transformational process.
2. How transformation is different than change.
3. What the success drivers of a successful transformational effort are
4. Why most of them fail
5. Why you better get started…!

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Chris's Expertise

Teamwork - 100%
Performance - 100%
Human Potential - 100%
transformation - 100%
Motivational - 100%

Chris Majer led the team that trained the units in the organization I commanded. Observing the dedication, skill and empathy the training team showed to unit members and there families was awe inspiring. It changed their lives. Chris has carried that spirit, effort, and thought into the Power to Transform. If you follow the road map he has laid out it will change the way you approach life.

Ken Getty, US Army


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