Jenni Butz is passionate about learning and communicating and has taught high school French and English in both urban and rural settings, in public schools, and in small private settings. She has spent time mentoring young women as they learn about life and relationships and how to define success. She has spoken to groups at retreats and at special events in the United States and in Europe. Some key themes in Jenni’s life and talks include perseverance, identity, intentional living – universal truths which she delivers through her dynamic and skillful weaving of stories from her own life experiences and applications for her listeners. As the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, a frequent participant in therapy, and a committed life-long learner, Jenni unpacks some of life’s more challenging lessons with an authentic and humorous twist.

Jenni delivers topics like Apostrophe Catastrophes, Life Lessons from Marching Band, and The Calm Between Storms through dynamic, humorous presentations of principles, authentic stories from her own life experiences, and practical applications for her listeners. Sharing her perspectives with groups in the United States and in Europe over the years has confirmed what Jenni has always known: When we learn, everybody wins.

Featured Work

  • Lifelong Learning; Live Out Loud!
  • Intentional Living
  • 8 to 5 Business Lessons from Marching Band
  • Grammar Matters

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Jenni's Expertise

Creativity - 100%
Lifelong Learning - 100%
Grammar Matters - 100%
Intentional Living - 100%

She's funny, she's clear, she's intellectual, she's dynamic


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