From bedridden with illness to bestselling author, women’s health expert-  Jennifer has merged her passions of pink, lifestyle, style, health and fitness into a company called “Fit Your Style”; a multi-platform brand in Studio, TV, Radio and Social Media. I can be seen delivering my message as a TV host and expert, hosting my own show “Fit Your Style”, as well as, FYS Social TV. I also provide red carpet correspondence – as seen on Insider, ET and Access Hollywood. I am part of the Twitteraritti, offering commentary through my views on body confidence, health and happiness. My new ROGERS TV show, “Healthy LifeStyle’s-Healthy You,” debuts September 2015.

Jennifer Ettinger’s dedication to helping women stems from her own triumph over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Being bedridden and overweight, she understands the  mindset of women who are challenged with weight and health issues. She knows depression and desperation, and she knows how to reclaim a life with a harmony of body, beauty, mind and spirit.

Today’s emphasis on “beauty” so prevalent in the media makes women think they have to live up to unrealistic airbrushed images. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and in a marketplace so caught up with looks, how is one to discern what’s best for her? How can she discover authenticity versus a gimmick or fad? There are so many people calling themselves beauty, wellness, and confidence coaches, but Fit Your Style is unique among them all.

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Jennifer's Expertise

Nutrition - 100%
Performance - 100%
Women's Health - 100%
transformation - 100%
Motivational - 100%

Jennifer Ettinger is the REAL DEAL! Such an amazing person with a big heart, loads of passion and the ability to inspire the masses with her charm, wit and incredible sense of humour. I was honoured to be one of the first guests on her new 'Fit your style


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