Tweed Scott author of Texas In Her Own Words. Tweed is a funny, laugh-out-loud corporate & association entertainer. A retired broadcaster of nearly 31 years who loves to perform, his passion is all things Texas. You’ll love his stories and insights as he uses Texas as a powerful motivating tool.

If you are looking for a speaker who entertains while motivating & inspiring your group to take positive action in their daily lives, contact Tweed Scott. Texas is all about that “Can-Do” attitude and problem solving. Treat your audience to a different kind of program that is entertaining and definitely memorable.

“What a treat to have Tweed Scott speak to our group! He was captivating, inspiring and warm. His stories were uplifting and motivational and encouraged the group to follow their dreams in pursuit of their destiny. He made us feel very proud of our heritage and helped us understand better that we really DO have something special in Texas. Tweed was engaging and witty. I highly recommend him to others needing a spectacular speaker!” Monica Benoit-Beatty, Serendipity Consulting. Austin, TX

Tweed’s talks include:

The Texas Mantra: No is NOT an Option – Where all that Texas mindset comes from and why those elements are important today. Texas is still a valuable motivating tool. You can learn a lot from a Texan.

All Stressed Up & Nowhere To Go – Everybody wants improvement, but nobody wants change. You cannot have one without the other. Embracing change is a skill you can accept & learn.

Texanomics – Texas is perfectly positioned to be part of the solution to the serious economic problems facing the country. You will learn things about Texas you probably never knew before.

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Tweed's Expertise

Texas - 100%
Stress - 100%
Motivate - 100%
Attitude - 100%

Every time I see someone who attended, the first thing they tell me is how much they enjoyed your presentation. I have coordinated this event for 5 years and you have, by far, been the most popular speaker.



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