Author of SuccessOnomics is a nationally recognized business development keynote speaker, best-selling author two times, consultant, trainer, coach and Professional EOS Implementer. Spray serves as a CEO and business advisor with a passion for helping people and companies grow. Founder & President, Strategic Catalyst, Inc. Spray launched Strategic Catalyst, Inc. after working in public accounting and industry in senior leadership roles with start-up, restructuring and growth responsibilities. She recognized that by aligning business goals with marketing, human resource and business development strategies, organizations could leverage new business opportunities for far greater results. With more than 20 years of experience, Spray has created proven programs for management in the area of new business strategy by implementing Revenue Growth Assessments, Business Development Programs, Strategic Business Development Plans, and Accountability Models. Spray is a graduate of Coach University’s Two Year Program and EOS Worldwide.

Change Management
List the steps necessary for preparing a change strategy and building support for the change
Describe the WIFM – the individual motivators for change
Relate the five dimensions of the ADKAR model for understanding change on an individual level
Use needed components to develop a change management and communications plans, and to list implementation strategies
Employ strategies for gathering data, addressing concerns and issues, evaluating options and adapting a change direction
Utilize methods for leading change project status meetings, celebrating a successful change implementation, and sharing the results and benefits
Describe the four states of Appreciative Inquiry, its purposes, and sample uses in case studies
Use strategies for aligning people with the change, appealing to emotions and facts
Describe the importance of resiliency in the context of change, and employ strategies the change leader and individual change participant can use to bolster resiliency
Define the importance of flexibility in the context of change, and demonstrate methods the change leader and individual change participant can use to foster flexibility

Conflict Resolution
Understand what conflict and conflict resolution mean
Understand all phases of the conflict resolution process
Understand the five main styles of conflict resolution
Be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts
Be able to break out parts of the process and use those tools to prevent conflict
Be able to use basic communication tools
Be able to use anger & stress management techniques

Generation Gaps in the Workplace
History behind generation gaps
What are traditionalists
What are baby boomers
What are Generation Xers
What are Generation Yers
Differences between each type of generation
Finding common ground among the generations
Conflict management
Leveraging the benefits of generation gaps at work

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Christine's Expertise

Success Expert - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Business Development - 100%
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Christine is not only high-energy, she is extremely effective at what she does. She recently presented a session on Pipeline Development & Networking to my entire staff of Risk Consultants. She got a standing ovation with everyone walking away with new ideas for them to implement.

Principal at Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.


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