Dr. Susan Harrison is a gifted keynote speaker, award-winning author, corporate trainer, TV guest expert and certified life coach who believes life should be filled with fun, positivity, and chocolate.

Some of her awards and accolades include: International Association of Women Influencer of the Year Circle – 2018-2019 Inductee; Woman of the Year (Bronze)  – 2018 from the American Business Awards; Influencer for our Global Community – 2018 from the International Association of Women and Maverick of the Year (Bronze) – The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Dr. Harrison has helped thousands of people all over the world develop effective business and life skills. Her areas of expertise include building rapport, customer service, stress management, communication skills, and conflict management.

Nominated five times as the nicest Kansas Citian, she strives to stay kind in this topsy-turvy world!

Featured Topics:

Positively Positive

We often don’t realize when our attitudes diminish into negative thought patterns. Being positive is a state of mind that is not reserved for the few, but for the ones who make it happen by choice. Feeling that we are good enough is part of the equation and can also be achieved.

  • Learn six small changes that can impact your outlook and positivity
  • Understand the Stop-It method to reduce negative thoughts from perminating your mind
  • Discuss and learn perspective changes that will reduce stress and angst
  • Learn about toxic positivity and whether you need a shift in this area

Communicate to Connect

Increased connection with others improves our personal and professional lives. We communicate all through our days; however, do we really connect? Connection is the sweet spot of life and we can strengthen our relationships with small changes in our behavior and attitudes which will result in better, more fuller days and experiences.

  • How to listen to build rapport
  • How to speak to be heard
  • Understanding different types of people and how to connect based on their uniqueness
  • Changing our attitudes in order to connect

Lower Your Stress and Increase Your Happiness

Stress and happiness are correlated and impact every aspect of our personal and professional lives. The fulfillment we experience is intertwined with our stress levels. Higher stress means even the mundane task can be more difficult. Our relationships are affected positively when our stress levels are healthy.

  • Learn six ways to lower your stress right now
  • Motivating yourself to move beyond your stress
  • Understanding the good kind of stress and how to harness it
  • Learn how to enjoy life on purpose

Customer Service

Your company’s success is determined by how well you provide customer service. Do your customers feel heard, understood and taken care of? Dr. Susan takes a unique approach by using her extensive experience and persuasion to influence your team to understand how excellent customer service actually benefits them. She understands the need for your employees to fully own the customer experience. Along with other tips and techniques, they will learn how to prevent issues, how to use their personality to build rapport and how to defuse 99% of all customer conflicts.

What people are saying…


“Fantastic! Highly motivating, learned many skills in the seminar that can be used both at work and personal life.”


“Dr. Susan is an amazing speaker! She is engaging, funny and passionate about her messages and helping others. I highly recommend her.

Kimberly W.

“I can’t recommend Dr. Susan Harrison enough to speak into your business, company or life in general. She has incredible energy and gives simple tips to apply daily that will provide a better work environment and improve relationships.

Quote:  Living on purpose is what separates the successful and satisfied from the frustrated and stressed out.


Stress relief expert Dr. Susan Harrison uses trademark humor and laser-sharp training skills to help busy women identify and whittle down common stressors. The easy-to-read format includes strategies for reframing thought patterns, reforming habits, and reinventing yourself. Read through the entire book in one sitting, or read one section a day, and return to it often for practical stress relief nuggets. Claim the power you have to create the life you want.

All-star: an outstanding or highly regarded performer within a field

Do you long to be outstanding and highly regarded? Wondering how you can stand out from the millions of administrative assistants around the world? If so, this book is for you!

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Susan's Expertise

Communication skills - 100%
Stress - 100%
Positivity - 100%
Customer Service - 100%
Confidence - 100%

“Fantastic! Highly motivating, learned many skills in the seminar that can be used both at work and personal life.”