Timothy, the founder and developer of BugZero Codes, is also an author and speaker. He was fascinated by computers at a very young age and with the encouragement of a teacher and the help of a high school student, he created his first game in Python. Timothy attended a technology school and after learning the coding process in-depth, he introduced his older brothers to coding.

Timothy, Eugene and Daniel are passionate about coding and inspiring other young people to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to develop their own coding skills. Their goal is to encourage kids to understand the need to learn how to write code because coding is a global language.

Timothy speaks at schools to engage boys and girls to bring alive solutions around them through code. He encourages them and tells them they too can code. He continues to learn and gives back to kids and communities around the world.

“A strong community is when kids are involved in problem-solving.”

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Timothy's Expertise

Youth - 100%
Coding - 100%
Problem Solving - 100%
Technology - 100%
Creativity - 100%


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