Douglas (Doug) N. Petersen, Inspirational Speaker, Award Winning Author, and Values Coach. A decorated Vietnam veteran and having served more than twenty years as an aviator in the United States Army, Doug continued to serve others by working in the financial services industry. Today he continues to take deep-seated passion in making a difference in the lives of others through his life-affirming messages, and is fulfilling his life’s purpose by inspiring people into action. Author of four enlightening, thought-provoking messages and recent winner of the 2012 Global EBook Award in the Inspirational/Visionary Non-Fiction category, Doug’s words reaffirm the good in all of us. Discovering one’s values and using these new concepts, individuals can then see how their daily living can not only change their lives but all the lives they touch. Each day we all make a difference and personal values are our driving force.

Featured Work

  • Your Values Impact!
  • Relieve Stress
  • Defining Your Life’s Purpose
  • Life’s Balancing Act
  • Peaks and Valleys in Life

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Doug's Expertise

Personal Values - 100%
Veteran - 100%
Improvement - 100%
Inspiring - 100%

It's a rare find to find and individual that speak to you when in front of a crowd. Douglas Petersen is that guy. His insight and storytelling ability is truly wonderful. His thoughts are sincere and will hit you in the heart with his story of triumph.

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