A strong leader is like a good country song. There’s no b.s., yet it has the most heartfelt melodies.

I’m a classically trained fiddle player raised by a Navy lieutenant, so while discipline and dedication are some of my ingrained, outward-facing habits— it takes originality in order to write my song. I’m into the freedom, creativity, and fun of certain types of music, so years ago, I decided I was to become a famous country music star. I knew how to hash out a plan, so I gigged on weekends, worked in radio, took random jobs, and side-hustled my way into a position with Southwest Airlines where I could make good money, Tetris my schedule to my liking, and fly back to Nashville when I needed, free of charge.

It was a common business arrangement – I scratch your back, you scratch mine. But I never flew back to Nashville, because my common arrangement, my “means to an end”…became my new inspiration. I’ve always trained other people – at my part-time jobs, management appointed me over designated trainers to teach new staff. It was mostly fulfilling but too overly formal. And formality is the best way to kill the music.

But the people at Southwest Airlines had a way of wearing their humanity on the outside of their suits. And through them, I discovered exactly what I wanted – A big band feel with people who knew what they were doing. And who encouraged me to freestyle naturally my way – playfully, passionately, and right on key. I quickly jumped the ranks at Southwest, and for ten years I was a leader who trained other leaders, planned conferences, created curriculum, and emceed events.

Now everything I compose is poised on the subject of leadership because whether stellar or shoddy, leadership has a reverb effect that impacts everything from personal wellbeing to office culture to the bottom line.

A great leader isn’t just a hard worker or someone good at their job – they’re teachers, influencers, relationship builders who have to bring the message and set the tempo…it’s no small task to be in charge of vocals and the beat. And that’s what I help leaders do – find their voice, lay down their rhythm…but make it so others can hear the music.

Because when people like you and your song…They’ll pick up their tambourine.

Featured Topics

The Rhythm of Leadership

Real influence is the ability to transform the character, development or behavior of another person, and the most powerful tool leaders have today.

In this keynote, you’ll learn how the most successful leaders use influence to inspire innovation, unify their teams, and gain massive, long-term results and profitability. With her experience as a former musician and years of leadership coaching, Mona has designed a powerful message that brings a unique perspective on how we can all succeed in leadership by listening to our own rhythm and positively influencing teams. In this interactive presentation, audiences get a practical blueprint for increasing the “must-have” competencies, styling their own rhythm and becoming influential leaders at every level of your organization.

According to Gallup, 75% of all employees leave because of their leader and on average, the cost of that turnover is 150% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them.

What would you have invested that money in had you not needed it to replace that employee? With the increasingly changing business environment, it is critical that companies have talented leaders on the front line to ensure huge results are achieved, but few people are “natural born leaders.” The good news is leadership can be learned, and Mona can get you there.

Key takeaways from this interactive presentation:
In this presentation, audiences will leave with techniques they can leverage to build great teams and improve both the customer and employee experience through strategies that elevate engagement, encourage accountability, reduce turnover and ultimately increase profitability.

You Can’t Train DNA

The cost of a bad hire is more than just financial, it can impact every aspect of your business.

When we have a position to fill, we’re sometimes tempted to rush to find a “warm body” as soon as possible. But what’s the cost of a bad hire? According to Gallup, it takes 150% of an employee’s base salary to replace them. A company with 1500 employees and a turnover rate of 15%, spends 6-9 million dollars a year hiring new talent. What would you invest that money in if you didn’t need it to replace employees?

If your leaders tend to rush to fill open positions, or are just struggling to find the right candidate, it’s vital for them to know that the cost of a bad hire isn’t just financial, although that’s a large part of it, it can impact everything.

No hire is better than a bad hire. Hiring the right talent takes time and patience. The most important asset any business or any organization has is its people. Taking shortcuts when building your team may ease immediate needs but will ultimately create regrets.

Key takeaways from this interactive presentation:
In this presentation, audiences will leave with a practical, actionable blueprint for building hiring strategies that will free up money for future growth, save you time, and ensure you retain your top talent. All of which will drive business growth and profitability.

Experience Leadership

At its core, a great customer experience starts with individual employees and their own experiences on the job.

They should not only be empowered to deliver the best customer experience possible, but they should also have an intrinsic desire to do so – they’re your brand evangelists. So how do you create evangelists? Two words: Experience Leadership! The challenge of building brand leadership has risen to the #1 challenge in business today. Alternatives for customers are just a click away, so it’s critical for organizations to deliver an experience that provides the absolute best – consistently.

After decades of conversations about the war for talent, it appears that the battle is over, and talent has won.

The balance has shifted and now, to a large degree, our employees are in charge. They have increased bargaining power, the job market is very transparent, and attracting top-skilled workers is a highly competitive challenge that all companies face. Couple that with the fact that in a decade Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce and you’ll quickly see the need to have the right leaders in place to effectively to manage this shift. In this thoughtful presentation, we’ll explore the total impact of a bad hire and how to avoid it. We’ll take a look at evolving HR trends, new technologies, emerging generations, and audiences will learn strategies for building high-trust people management as well as learn more effective ways to hire and retain top-notch talent.

Key takeaways from this interactive presentation:
Audiences will learn how to inspire organizational leadership that drives engagement and profitability as well as key strategies for building brand evangelists that create amazing customer experiences, build customer loyalty for life and propels their organization to industry leader status.


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Mona's Expertise

Leadership - 100%
Operations - 100%
Customer Service - 100%
Employee Retention - 100%
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Mona has an incredible stage presence. I've heard her speak at national conferences on the big stage as well as in smaller more intimate workshops. In both venues she engages the audience masterfully. She has an incredible way of communicating high level information in a thoughtful and relevant way that both draws you in and makes you think a little differently. If you're looking for someone that will change the way you view leadership and enhance and grow your business, I highly recommend her. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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