Rick Gillis has been noted, quoted, seen and heard on NPR, PBS, CIO, Inc., Forbes, Fortune, The WSJ, ComputerWorld, Salary.com, The Houston Chronicle, The San Francisco Chronicle, and BusinessInsider to name just a few. Rick has spoken live from coast to coast to coast (East, West & Gulf) as well as having hosted his own radio and TV shows in Houston.

As employee #1, Rick was involved in the incredible success of the first job board in the greater Houston, TX area in the Neolithically-early days of the Internet: 1997. Over a period of ten years of calling on people who professionally hired others, he learned how job search really worked.

Being in the forefront of the online employment movement, Rick began speaking on search, promotion and advancement across the US, as well as on terrestrial radio and in online interviews in Australia, Panama, the Caribbean, Canada, and the UK. Rick has been featured on NPR, PBS, Business Insider; in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., the Houston Chronicle, CIO, Huffington Post, and more. Rick has also produced and hosted both radio and TV shows in Houston.

Rick has written four books on job search and a fifth book, PROMOTE, written for those professionals who aren’t comfortable promoting themselves on the job, is the little book that ‘begat’ The Quotient where, rather than write about equal pay for equal work, Rick advocates for the proper pay for the best performance.

Rick says, “I have come to the conclusion that there is really no such thing as equal pay for equal work, and in fact, enterprise should strive to pay those people who do the best work the best pay—which, if you think about it, removes any hint of discrimination from the discussion. Pay parity is the logical result.” 

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This talk is based on Rick’s book PROMOTE! which is about you and your future. It is you speaking up on your own behalf ON the job. It is about getting the promotion, the raise, and keeping your job in the age of downsizing. PROMOTE! is about having the confidence to directly address your accomplishments with those who control your destiny: Management.

“The term “self-promotion” may have negative connotations for many of us, brought up on the idea that bragging is bad — this can be particularly true for women. Fine, Gillis says, just find another way to express the idea, so you can live with it. Think of it as “informing” or “reminding” others of your value. And as I’d add, remind yourself that this is part of your constant process of negotiating your professional worth. There are countless terms for professional self-promotion, but the bottom line is that if you don’t create and maintain your own image in the workplace, it’s quite possible that someone else will.” –Forbes

“In any workplace, you’re seen first as a commodity, not a person. Accordingly, you need an inventory of your on-the-job accomplishments–the things that express your commercial value to the business. Be able to roll those things off your tongue anytime, anywhere, to anyone.” –Inc.

“You owe it to your current employer, as well as hiring managers elsewhere, to describe what you’ve been up to. “It’s your professional responsibility to make decision-makers aware of the value you bring to the organization,” Gillis says. “It’s part of your job.” “–Fortune

The Quotient

THE PHRASE, “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, rings hollow today. Proper Pay for the Best Performance is the rallying cry of The Quotient which is also the title of Rick’s latest book. Nearing completion of the final draft for The Quotient (aka QTNT), Rick Gillis had an epiphany. For months he had been using the generally accepted phrase “Equal Pay for Equal Work” when talking about pay disparity. Then it struck him that based on everything he had written over the previous year; this was not correct. It was then he determined that for The Quotient to be more accurate, that statement should be: “Proper Pay for the Best Work.”

If you think you are not being paid fairly, The Quotient offers you a direct and simple process to identify your achievements on the job, source your value to your employer and be able to defend your claims to management–at all levels. Similarly, your employer can easily see why what you say is accurate. The good news is that none of this is difficult!

This talk covers:

•Enhancing employee engagement
•Helping establish a uniquely fair pay system while recognizing existing market pay rates
•Exposing lost production companies endure while conducting performance appraisals
•The potential for saving thousands and thousands of dollars when dealing with employment issues.


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Rick's Expertise

Promotion - 100%
Success - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Performance - 100%
Career Security - 100%

At the core of this highly informative and life-changing event is the message that employees must be knowledgeable about how and comfortable with, expressing their professional wins to their supervisors as well as to their clients and customers.


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