Brad B McCormick is a Speaker and an Omni-channel marketing strategist with a passion for how business, culture, technology, and people intersect.

Brad has helped companies design communication strategies and build brand equity in the digital world. His past clients include LEGO, Cisco, McDonald’s, FedEx Office, KIA, Smokeybear, and the US Department of Homeland Security. He teaches Digital Marketing Strategy & Performance Management each semester at Southern Methodist University in Dallas

Brad has been quoted in the NYTimes, PR Week, and Ad Age. Brad is a board member and the Past President of the DFW Chapter of the American Marketing Association. He’s married, has two wonderful but crazy daughters, and loves long-distance cycling.

Featured Topics:

Brand Truth Workshop

The Brand Truth Workshop is an intensive, 4-6+ hour strategic work session that clarifies your company’s competitive position and creates internal team alignment. The workshop comprises highly structured group exercises focused on how your company can best connect with new customers and communicate its value to the marketplace. The end product is a crystal-clear brand strategy narrative that will fuel your content and marketing efforts for years. You’ll be surprised how much can be accomplished in a single day. The workshop can be conducted online, in person, or a combination. It is one of the best investments you can make.

Marketing 20/20: Lay the ground work for Digital Transformation: Digital Strategy, Tools and Technology

Modern marketing is a marathon. But all too often, organizations invest in fancy equipment, such as developing a website or purchasing marketing automation technology, thinking it will get them to the finish line. It takes more than the right equipment to create an integrated marketing strategy that engages today’s consumer and generates bottom line results.

  • How to allocate your time and resources across traditional and digital media.
  • How brands are transforming their organizations by integrating marketing initiatives across silos
  • Understanding the pitfalls and commit to the long game approach to modern marketing

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy Bootcamp

Modern marketing is complex. Every day there’s a new social media platform to engage customers, a new data point to track and a new technology platform to integrate into your marketing stack. With voice technology and AI on the horizon, it’s only getting more complex.

  • How can marketing leaders create a strategy that meets the customer where they are?
  • How to support the goals of the organization, while staying up to date with today’s marketing tools?
  • A pragmatic approach to get you oriented with unbeatable marketing moves for every digital channel. You’ll take a deep dive into how to plan, scope and budget digital campaigns; develop a strategy centered around your customer and the evolving customer journey, processes for cross-discipline collaboration, and how to measure the success and ROI of your initiatives.

Creating the Marketing Team of the Future

Organizations are fighting a war for talent in a highly competitive and fast-changing marketing landscape. Content creation, data analysis and strategic thinking have traditionally been key attributes of successful marketing professionals. But collaboration, creativity and working cross silos are rapidly becoming more important as digital marketing and complexity of the marketplace become more intricate.

  • A roadmap for building the marketing dream team of the future
  • Learn which roles and team members contribute to a contemporary (innovative?) marketing team
  • The hard and soft skills every modern marketer should have
  • How to create a culture that attracts and retains top performers.

Maximizing Your Marketing Spend

Businesses of all sizes wrestle with how to make the most of their marketing budget. With scrutinized budgets, marketing leaders between investing in traditional and digital tactics.

  • A pragmatic approach to maximizing marketing investment dollars.
  • Synthesizing the latest research, media theory and neuroscience
  • Help businesses of any size make sure that every dollar counts.

The Gospel of Paid, Owned Earned

A Journey We’ve all heard about paid, owned, and earned as a tenant of modern marketing, but few understand the mechanics to make it all work. Digital Marketing Veteran and college instructor Brad McCormick has over twenty years experiences working in PR, Marketing, and Adverting agency across every faucet and media involved in the customer journey for major B2B and B2C brand

  • Work through the major strategies of modern integrated marketing
  • Explain why it’s the best way to reach and engage today’s customer
  • Give your audience tangible tips on how to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Help! The Robots are Stealing My Job!

Essential Career Skills for The Digital Age We all know that digital technology disrupts nearly everything in its path – business, politics, commerce, and culture. But we haven’t seen anything yet. Digital machines intelligence is under experiencing exponential growth. Artificial intelligence will soon be able to tackle more complex, non-linear tasks that was assumed to be the exclusive domain of humans. Indeed, research by Oxford University predicts that 47 percent of US jobs will be displaced by technology in the next ten to twenty years.

  • Learn tips on how you can future-proof your digital career.
  • How the rise of agile marketing, and why digital teams must pivot from “football-centric” to “basketballcentric” views of work.
  • Why digital “soft skills” will become more valuable than digital “hard skills”.
  • Learn to thrive- in the ever-changing post-digital landscape.

What People Are Saying

Technology CEO

“Brad at 10Louder is an essential strategic partner to our global SaaS company. He helps our team connect the dots and improve marketing performance across the board.”

President & COO

“Brad McCormick ran several virtual strategic work sessions with our global leadership team, helping us align our brand strategy, competitive positioning, and messaging.”

VP Strategy & CX

​Brad McCormick is a pleasure to work with and I learned something useful in every presentation. Most importantly: the assessment he delivered was accurate and actionable. Highly recommend.”


“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

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“Brad at 10Louder is an essential strategic partner to our global SaaS company. He helps our team connect the dots and improve marketing performance across the board.”

Technology CEO


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