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About WCD Enterprises

WCD Enterprises is an Agency that helps connect inspiring speakers with professional meeting planners. Together, we create programs of interest and continually address current issues in the marketplace in unique, experiential ways.

With our 25+ years of experience, we have an active list of over 70,000 associations, organizations, and meeting planners in the US and internationally.

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What Can WCD Enterprises Do For You?

WCD Enterprises makes booking talent for all your meetings and events a seamless process. Whether you are searching for a motivational or business speaker, a trainer, or an entertainer, we have you covered, With access to high-profile talent from all walks of life, we provide keynote speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts to help you deliver your message.

It is with excitement and honor that I highly recommend Wilene to represent you or even assist you in this industry of being a professional keynote speaker. If you are just getting started or you have years of experience, she, along with her dynamic team has the capability to meet you at your needs and help you grow to your desired level if you are ready to put the work in. When I started with WCD, I humbled myself to her experience and simply did everything she recommended I do and now, even I am impressed at how far I've traveled along my professional speaking journey. If you believe you have a message that will resonate with an audience, give WCD a try and tell them Reggie B. sent you.

Reginald Bullock - Keynote Speaker

Wilene is phenomenal at providing step-by-step guidance on how to reach your goals. I had been dabbling in public speaking for ages, and Wilene was able to quickly assess where I was at and how to move forward. I went from ``unsure about my abilities`` to publishing a book and getting booked for events in a matter of months. And Wilene is what made the difference.

Dallin Cooper - Keynote Speaker and Author

I've connected with Wilene on a few different projects and she is always a pleasure to work with and she delivers on what she promises. She is always professional, courteous and kind and is quick to reply with great suggestions. I love having her company as a resource!

Nicole Robinson Gauthier - Executive Director at Lone Star College Foundation

Recently I was given the honor to begin working with Wilene as my agent. Let me tell you this lady is the ``Truth`` she takes her work seriously, and she go above and beyond to understand who you are, your trade, and where your expertise can better benefit. I look forward to continuing our efforts and learning from you.

Royce Allen - Enterprise Security Architecture and Keynote Speaker

Wilene is an incredible leader in her field, she is extremely smart, caring and innovative. She knows HOW to find talent, develop it and take it to the next level. She makes you feel like a winner and that is a gift that Wilene shares with so many around her - if you are lucky enough to work with Wilene, this is your sign to do it. I couldn’t recommend anymore more than her!!!

Gezim Gashi - Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

Wilene has been booking me as a keynote speaker and corporate emcee for several years now. She consistently delivers appearances for me across the country and facilitates everything from the initial information to the executed contract and more, every last detail. I honestly could not do this without her.

Dayna Steele - Keynote Speaker and Author

Wilene is an absolute joy to work with. Her immense knowledge and experience in the professional speaking industry is surpassed only by her dedication to her speakers and clients. Wilene is also a motivating coach who helps you set goals, and then stokes the positivity and inspiration needed to achieve and even surpass those goals. I don't want to even imagine getting started in the speaking industry without Wilene.

John Southard - Keynote Speaker and Author

Wilene transformed my speaking career. She quadrupled my business value as a speaker and coached me from an amateur to a professional speaker. Together, we've booked speaking engagements with Fortune 500 companies, national conferences, and non-profits. If you're passionate about speaking and are willing to work hard, Wilene can unlock your potential and guide you to career success in speaking. She'll be your friend, mentor, and champion.

Julian Placino - Host of Pathways to Success, Keynote Speaker

Wilene is an amazing woman. If she says she is going to do something - she does it!
She has a wonderful way of making you feel like the most important person.
I highly recommend Wilene.

Terri Chrisman - Plant Based Nutritionist

Wilene is one of the best agents in the business of getting paid speaking engagements. She's an expert at knowing what is needed to get the interest and commitment from speakers bureaus and other avenues for paid speaking. If I could only hire one person to help me be successful in my business, it would be Wilene Dunn.

Kay Smith - Communications and Image Consultant at Energy Dressing

Wilene Dunn is amazing! She has been by my side every step of the way on my journey to build a speaking business. We not only have a business relationship, but have developed a personal one as well. She has given me sound advice on what to do and how to do it. She is devoted to help you be successful. She is connected to thousands of conference hosts and events all over the world. I value her knowledge, expertise and sincerity. If you already are, or want to be a keynote speaker, Wilene Dunn will get you results to help you soar and reach the ``STAGE`` with success. Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Treva Graves - CEO @bloompersonalbranding

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