Diane is a dynamic, fun, and engaging speaker, trainer, and coach. At every event, Diane is committed to giving powerful training that is told with humor and insight. Each talk is sprinkled with personal stories about herself and the people in her life. Real-life experiences, struggles, and lessons that people can relate to and learn from. Humor permits Diane to tackle even the toughest issues, it also allows the class to go deeper and get more from the conversations. Each topic is built around real actionable steps. She teaches tools that translate into results.

Featured Topics:

Get it Done: Real Results with Velocity!

Action is the key to your success. All the planning, prepping, and “thinking about” will never give you the results you desire unless you move into action. Action is the key to your success.

The truth is, your future depends on your ability to perform. This program is filled with information and action steps that will give participants the power to be effective in all areas of their lives. These are real-world strategies and solutions that can help you live a better life and advance your career.

In “Get It Done: Real Results with Velocity,” you will be challenged and inspired to take action so that you can achieve results with velocity. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you are moving forward in achieving your biggest goals… now that is the way to live!!! 

Killer Confidence: 3 Secrets to Instantly Feel Confident!!  

For way too long people have been under the misguided notion that confidence is given only to those who are blessed or worthy or tall or smart or (you fill in the blank here) .

This misguided mindset leaves too many people believing that confidence is for others. Now, hold on to your chair because I am going to blow your mind. (Cue soundtrack of explosion music.) “Confidence is nothing more than a skill set.” It is true, confidence is a learned skill.

Learning how to be confident is the same as when you learned to tie your shoes, make a bed, balance your checkbook and do long division. Confidence is simply a learned skill.

In this presentation, you will learn how to build your confidence skill set. Wear comfortable shoes, we are going to cover a lot of ground!

Ask For It, Get It, Repeat: 5 Steps to Ask for What You Want

We have all been misled for generations. As kids, Disney told us, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, your dream comes true.” So we laid in bed at night and wished. And crossed our fingers. And hoped. And waited.

For a seven-year-old, wishing for a puppy is one thing, but as an adult we know we do not get the things we wish for, we get the things we ask for in life. Consider… The job. The promotion. The raise. The date. The lead. What things do you want right now?

You will learn HOW to ask for what you want. No more fingers crossed, wishing on a star, and hoping. The future belongs to those who ask. Are you ready to ask? Let’s get started!

What People are Saying… 

Mary Larsen Designs

“Want to learn about confidence, Diane, is the go-to person. Her presentation style is insightful, enthusiastic, and full of relevant information.”

Bank of America

“Simply said, you were wonderful to listen to and learn from!”

Keller Williams, Mansfield Area Chamber

“Diane Consolino recently spoke to our group of professional women members and was a tremendous hit! with many attendees.”


“I don’t teach what everyone else does. I specialize in teaching people HOW TO get results!“

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``Want to learn about confidence, Diane, is the go-to person. Her presentation style is insightful, enthusiastic, and full of relevant information.”

Mary Larsen Designs


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