– Danny Brassell

Bringing Joy Back to the Classroom

Teachers are “kid-people.” They do not teach for the pay or daily accolades from society. They teach because they care about kids. The standardized testing craze has terrified students and led many great teachers to quit. Our educational speakers remind teachers of their importance in the everyday development of children. You will be reminded how to laugh, sing, dance, and play to bring joy back into your classroom by listening to these speakers.

A Baker’s Dozen of Lessons Learned from the Teaching Trenches

It takes a particular person to be a teacher. Every day presents new challenges, and our attitudes and expectations shape our success. Educational speakers like Danny Brassell share inspirational and motivational keynotes designed to show you how you can make a difference in the lives of your students.

Educational speakers motivate teachers to create a welcoming and challenging environment for their students. Their presentations will remind teachers of the intrinsic rewards of teaching (to teach children to love learning) and the influential role as models in this endeavor.

Your audience will discover ways to take control of the atmosphere in the classroom to help teachers be more successful and effective and provide an optimal learning environment. The presenter will teach the audience various strategies to make teaching more enjoyable and rewarding.

Find out how to use creativity, experience, know-how, and other practical ideas for more immediate results. Hear strategies used in businesses and organizations to build optimal learning environments for kids.

Here are a few easy strategies to implement in a classroom:

  • Improve your AYP or Are You Playing quotient in the classroom
  • Be a thermostat versus a thermometer by setting the temperature and climate in the classroom with caring and high expectations.
  • Stand at the door and meet and greet the students as they enter the classroom
  • Hold morning meetings incorporating the students as the news anchor, weather person, and reporters to engage the children and set the day’s schedule
  • Leave encouraging sticky notes around the classroom, such as inside desks, books, etc.
  • Give students choices and allow them to plan lesson plan activities

Adding even a few of these strategies to the classroom will enrich your students and make the learning environment thrive.

Education speakers like Danny Brassell will help you learn how to make a difference in the lives of everyone you encounter. For example, from teaching preschoolers to rocket scientists, Danny shares his trials and tribulations and why he loves to inspire others to reach higher. You’ll learn his secret to good leadership and leave feeling invigorated.

When you work with our education speakers, imagine how successful your students will be. Showing you and your team how to achieve the POSITIVE Results YOU Want! If you could do anything to improve your students’ reading attitudes and aptitudes, what would it look like? Do you have a plan to boost student test scores, lead your staff effectively, build parent involvement and create a fun, meaningful learning environment?