Ira Blumenthal collects quotations.  One of his favorites is “The true measure of a man is how many lives he can jam into one lifetime…”  Ira has certainly jammed many lives into his productive, successful life.  From college football and lacrosse coach to business executive… from consultant to talk show host… from university professor to public speaker… from author to philanthropist… and more… lots of lives here… diverse, distinctive and dynamic.

He is respected as a subject matter expert on helping corporations, associations and individuals create a brighter future in the midst of changes, challenges, even chaos. His customizable speech title says it all…Your Best is Next!

After serving as the CMO of a division of Sara Lee, then the President of a $300-million food company, Ira founded and presided over CO-OPPORTUNITIES, an Atlanta based consulting company that advised companies such as Nestle, Tyson, Kroger, Harrah’s, American Airlines, Disney, United Artists, Exxon, Walmart and more.  Noteworthy, Ira is the single longest continually retained consultant in the 134-year history of the Coca-Cola Company as a lead consultant for 26 years.  He is the recipient of the highest honor in the food industry, “The Key Person Award.”  His expertise?  Branding, Change Management, Strategic Alliances and Business Development.

Having published over 200 magazine articles and three books, “Ready, Blame, Fire!” (Myths and Misses in Marketing)…“Managing Brand You” (best seller)… and “Your Best Is Next”… Ira is a respected author who received “The George Washington Honor Medal for Literary Excellence” (Freedoms Foundation).  Ira has been featured and quoted in media such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, BrandWeek, USA Today and more.

He has hosted a radio talk show (“Success Talk”)… served as a visiting professor (Michigan State University, the University of Notre Dame, Kennesaw State University, etc.)… was the “Executive In Residence” at Georgia State University… presided over a foundation (Ted Turner’s “Captain Planet Foundation”)… is on the board of Blaze, The Legacy Paralympic Organization… and with his friend, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), co-founded and serves on the Executive Council of Janie’s Fund, an organization that raises money for programs for “at risk” and “abused” girls.”

Featured Topics:

Your Best Is Next

Whether it’s corporations, associations or even individuals, you can’t have a better tomorrow if you continue thinking about yesterday. Here in the year 2020, we’ve seen chaos, a pandemic, economic challenges, business uncertainty and greater changes than ever before. We’re confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and often impatient.

And so, the threshold question for us all is simple… “What’s next?” It’s clearly time for RECOVERY and pushing the RESET button on our businesses and lives. It has been said, “If you want to predict the future, create it!” This customizable program (onstage OR virtual),YOUR BEST IS NEXT, is precisely about creating the future and teaching your organization how to insure that their BEST IS truly NEXT.

Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional. (Change, Re-invention) 

There is one constant in life (and business)… change! Yet, change is not new. What is new is the incredible speed of change. Industries, companies and careers have gone from “distinction” to “extinction” because of their inability to adapt, adjust and master change. This session offers a high-content, high-energy, “hands on” approach to embracing, as well as capitalizing on change in business building. After all, change is to business what oxygen is to life.

Managing Brand You (Personal Branding)

What if you thought of yourself as a brand? Everyone struggles with what they stand for… or what they’d like to stand for… Each one of us is a brand. This speech focuses on the disciplines of business branding and applies them to the process of crafting, developing, extending, managing and protecting your most important brand… “Brand You!” Ideal for business executives, sales professionals, even non-business audiences… this is an interactive, high-energy, fun-filled educational (and inspirational) speech (and workshop) experience. What if you thought of yourself as a brand?

What people are saying…

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Your energy and practical life examples really captivated the audience. You dealt with the topic of change in a humorous yet meaningful way. We received excellent feedback from your program.

Vice-President, BellSouth

Ira was awesome. He got a standing ovation at the end. Ira was fantastic!

Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Corporate Relations, Easter Seals

Thank you so much for a FANTASTIC presentation! You would be very pleased to know you were a huge hit with everyone!

President/CEO, Credit Union Direct Lending

Your session was outstanding and you managed to provide sound practical advice while being very entertaining.


“What is considered virtually impossible for your company today but if you could find a way to accomplish it, would dramatically quantum leap your business tomorrow?”


Your Best Is Next

How to Live Your Fullest Life During Your “Gun Lap”

Seize every day and break down your limitations!

During the final lap in a race, a gun is fired to let racers know that this is their last chance to give the race their all, to pull out all the stops and WIN! Using “The Gun Lap” as a signal to get our lives in gear, we are freed of all restrictions, but especially those we put on ourselves due to age, lack of time, and perceived lack of talent. Your Best is Next by motivational author Ira Blumenthal encourages readers to adopt an “it is never too late” strategy in order to learn new skills or follow a new passion – giving real life examples and action strategies.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all brands. We all have qualities that shape and influence how the people in our lives see us—and how we see ourselves. Nationally respected brand experts Jerry Wilson and Ira Blumenthal have helped some of the most exceptional companies and individuals in the world perfect their images. Now, in Managing Brand You, they reveal their proven seven-step process for personal brand building.

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Your energy and practical life examples really captivated the audience. You dealt with the topic of change in a humorous yet meaningful way. We received excellent feedback from your program.

The Prudential Insurance Company of America


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