Johnny Wimbrey’s famous mantra “Say Increase!” can be heard on almost every continent around the world. When Johnny rolls up his sleeves and delivers straight-talk to audiences from Africa to Australia, India to Italy, Sweden to Spain, they respond with energetic enthusiasm. His blunt honesty motivates people to stop thinking and start doing.

Johnny’s incredible rags-to-riches story touches a chord in audiences from cultures from around the globe. He transformed his life from poverty and abandonment into wealth and opportunity. When he had nothing but dreams, he created a unique high-energy style that is as sought-after as an international currency.

Johnny has proven to be a dynamic author, writing a best-selling book, From the Hood to Doing Good, and co-authoring several volumes of Multiple Streams of Inspiration and Conversations on Success. Johnny also anchors Think and Win Big, a powerful DVD collection offering mental strategies and wisdom for success

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One of the youngest and wisest success coaches today, using his personal success testimonies, Johnny creates an atmosphere of determination, passion, and urgency. His unique style, charisma and dynamic energy captivate diverse audiences from around the globe. Wimbrey teaches proven practical principles for success that will inspire your organization.


It takes “teamwork” to make the “dream work!” This principle has been used by Wimbrey in leadership retreats, sales and motivational seminars to audiences around the world. Johnny’s method to success has always been his ability to build and train a team to speak and walk to the same beat.


Johnny Wimbrey has the reputation as one of the most respected and recognized names in schools and ministries throughout the United States. He is convinced that every human has a “winner within” and this message has delivered hundreds of youth from a life of depression, crime, drugs, and even suicide. Because of his own personal experiences and accomplishments at such a young age, Wimbrey is the ideal speaker to teach and inspire troubled youth to new levels of achievement.


They say you can always judge the size of a man’s character by the size of the obstacle that it takes to overcome him. Johnny Wimbrey has triumphed obstacles even when the odds were against him. His message and true life stories of winning against his deadly encounters with life will encourage, challenge, and uplift any audience.

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Founder at Beauty Brush-up

To be honest, this is one man that needs no recommendation! He is an amazing speaker – a great human, an outstanding business man and a very, very humble individual.

Servant Leader

Johnny is a phenomenal motivational speaker, he inspires and trains young professionals and has been impacting the lives of thousands of people.


Johnny takes his diverse leadership skills to next level and does this consistently . He has the ability to easily transfer skills and in doing so empowers others


Become a first-generation millionaire using the groundbreaking mindset of entrepreneurial phenom.  Johnny always says, “Don’t let your past determine your future.”


From teenage felon to multi-millionaire in a just few short years after implementing his millionaire mindset principles . .

The meteoric rise of Johnny Wimbrey is one of the great rags-to-riches / tragedy to triumph tales of our time. By seizing control of his life and developing a brand-new mindset, Wimbrey gave up the hard-core streets and a world of drugs, created a business that’s now worth over nine-figures, and is presently living the life of a multi-millionaire with his family. Now, in Building a Millionaire Mindset, he provides the knowledge, tools, and insights you need to achieve your dreams―life-changing advice you can take to the bank.

From ex-drug dealer to success phenomenon, Johnny Wimbrey’s story of overcoming life’s adversities will inspire anyone to press on and never give up.Your past does not necessarily determine your future! Where you’ve been has nothing to do with where you’re going. International motivational speaker Johnny Wimbrey shares the principles and keys for success over any and all obstacles. We ALL deserve a second chance!

An Extraordinary Collection from Some of the Top Global Influencers of Our Time. Powerful and Insightful Lessons on Success and Persistence. Jump in and P.U.S.H. through Every Chapter. PUSH is not about closing sales, or how to run a multi million-dollar company, or how to cash in on your side hustle so you can quit your day job. This book is about building the character you need in order to succeed.

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To be honest, this is one man that needs no recommendation! He is an amazing speaker - a great human, an outstanding business man and a very, very humble individual.

Founder at Beauty Brush-up


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