Justin Lurie has a Masters of International Business and extensive experience in M&A, strategy consulting, policy, and commodity markets. He is the author of the book ‘The Profit’ on Corporate Strategy, serves on the American Petroleum Institute (API), Houston Board of Directors. In the 2018 Midterm elections, Justin Lurie was a nationally recognized primary candidate for the US House of Representatives, Texas’ 2nd Congressional District.

Mr. Lurie is the founding Partner of the boutique investment bank, Sterling Concord Partners, specializing in sell-side advisory of middle-market firms, both domestic and international. The firm has recently expanded to equity investments of purchasing lower middle market firms.

Mr. Lurie is a frequent and professional public speaker, addressing audiences on topics related to Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, and/or Politics nationally. He is often featured and quoted in the media including regular television appearances, newspapers, domestic and international magazines, podcasts, and has had multiple articles on Strategy published. Mr. Lurie is the host of a weekly political interview show.

Featured Topics:

Fundamentals of Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Overview of “why” and “how” a transaction is initiated, processed and closed.
  • Critical factors and considerations for both buyers and sellers
  • The entities involved and their roles/responsibilities
  • This course is also offered for CPA CPE credits

Corporate Strategy & Implementation

  • How to create your company’s strategy
  • The keys for successful implementation and company-wide buy-in
  • Rewrite your story, if necessary
  • Differentiating and separating in the market
  • Overcoming the barriers to market adoption

What is Strategy? Why does it matter?

How do I increase sales?

These questions are asked at all levels of organizations, from entry level sales staff to senior management.

Having a unified strategy that is clear, concise, and, most of all, understood by all members of the team – from the fresh-out-of-school to the CEO – is crucial for the strategy to actually be executed – not just discussed.

Justin presents topics on Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Strategy and Politics and how they relate to the future of your business and business strategy.

What People are saying…

Donovan & Watkins

You have great stage presence and keep your message informative and funny; you are quite the personality.

Sr. Account Manager

Justin is one of the most positive and organized people I have ever known. He is entirely fearless and always projects a positive outlook.

Sales Leader

Justin is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on to proficiently perform what he is tasked with eagerly and enthusiastically.


Organized, Outgoing, you can do anything you put your mind to


The Profit is a concise, step-by-step “how-to” guide to develop, execute, and implement corporate strategy. Learn the marketing techniques that will make your product memorable and to remain relevant, and the sales strategy that can put your company over the top. Each chapter concludes with bullet point summaries and action items to aid you in implementing the concepts detailed in the book and for real world strategy implementation.

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Justin's Expertise

Team Performance - 100%
Finance - 100%
Business - 100%
Excellence - 100%
Success - 100%

You have great stage presence and keep your message informative and funny; you are quite the personality.

Donovan & Watkins


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