Karen Mayer Cunningham isn’t your typical entertainer – she’s a seasoned Dry Bar Comedian and an inspiring Speaker who is ready to both amuse and educate you. Her approach to professional growth is refreshingly distinct, effortlessly weaving humor with wisdom to create an experience that sparks laughter, joy, and valuable insights. Through her captivating style, she delivers relatable comedy that audiences crave, all while imparting essential knowledge.

With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years as a leading figure in Special Education Management™ and Advocacy, Karen is a dedicated advocate for children’s rights. Her passion lies in empowering everyone involved in the IEP/504 process, ensuring positive outcomes for students. With a wealth of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm, she equips families and educators with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of special education.

Karen’s advocacy journey began when she set out to secure services for her own child. Along this path, she discovered a profound calling to educate and uplift others. Her guiding principle is that advocating for a child’s needs extends to advocating for the betterment of all. As an accomplished educator, captivating keynote speaker, skilled comedian, and unwavering advocate, Karen remains committed to offering unwavering support and expert guidance to those in need.

Events featuring Karen are infused with a contagious joy that deeply resonates with audiences. Her unique fusion of humor and education creates an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impact long after the event concludes. If you’re looking for an event that celebrates growth, learning, and the transformative power of laughter, Karen Mayer Cunningham is the perfect choice to make that impact.

Featured Topics

Excellence is Never an Accident

Take a deep dive into the realms of personal and professional advancement, addressing the daily challenges that arise. This captivating and inspiring keynote highlights the crucial roles our attitudes and expectations play in shaping our accomplishments. It illuminates the significant influence we wield over those in our vicinity, while providing actionable wisdom for fostering positive change. Through the embrace of unwavering determination, genuine endeavor, and astute execution, this presentation steers attendees toward reinvigorating their teams and embarking on a path toward extraordinary results.

  • Increase productivity without sacrificing the fun
  • Maximizing your team’s potential
  • Improve concentration and efficiency
  • Identify personal and professional strengths
  • Influence others by creating environments that engages everyone

Revealing Your Astonishing Brilliance

This speech directs its spotlight towards the vital components of teacher retention and recruitment within the dynamic landscape of education. Through an exploration of the “teaching trenches,” this presentation underscores the significance of recognizing educators’ strengths, a practice that not only retains outstanding teachers but also magnetizes fresh talent. In a realm where education is a linchpin in shaping tomorrow, the effervescent speaker, Karen Mayer Cunningham, pays homage to the teaching vocation, fostering an atmosphere where excellence thrives and is duly applauded.

  • Teacher Strengths as Building Blocks
  • Retaining Excellence Through Connection and Fun
  • Magnetizing Talent by highlighting the remarkable achievements of current educators

The Joyful Speaker

Get ready to ignite your laughter engines with a dose of Fueling the Funny, Joy for the Journey, and the Relatable Comedy you’ve been yearning for! This infusion of joy is precisely what your group requires to elevate their experience. Karen Mayer Cunningham brings an exceptional touch to events, infusing them with an infectious joy that strikes a chord with every audience member. Her unparalleled mix of humor and education forms an indelible bond, creating an experience that remains etched in memory long after the event’s conclusion. Prepare for an event that not only imparts valuable insights but also leaves your attendees engaged and, sharing stories and inspiration from the occasion.

What People Are Saying

“Brace yourself for an infusion of laughter through Fueling the Funny, Joy for the Journey, and the Relatable Comedy that you’ve been longing for!”

“This burst of positivity is exactly what our group needed to take our event to the next level. If you’re looking to make a lasting impact, Karen Mayer Cunningham is the name to remember.”


“Everything you need to be is already in you, activate it and walk it out”

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``If you're seeking an unforgettable experience that effortlessly blends learning and entertainment, Karen Mayer Cunningham comes highly recommended.``


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