Kimberly Cain is an award-winning songwriter/performing artist, author, producer, & human potential catalyst. A Certified High Performance Coach® & Remo Drums HealthRHYTHMS® facilitator, she is passionate about inspiring people into freedom from self-imposed boundaries. Kimberly has opened concerts for artists such as David Bowie & Sarah McLachlan, had her music featured on Dateline NBC, been a rock radio host on KZEW-FM (Dallas, TX) & produced entertainment for Dallas Cowboys. She has been on production teams for Oprah & has been the voice for hundreds of campaigns, including Southwest Airlines, Amtrak, Sheraton, & Coca-Cola. Kimberly is author of a novel, Heaven.

Kimberly’s guidance has shifted many individuals & diverse audiences into the awareness of their power to live in excellence, joy, & freedom. She specializes in coaching leaders into their heart-centered personal power, so they can act with courage & enjoy greater vitality. She offers online courses through RockItU®. Kimberly’s podcast, The Naked Vibes Show, can be found at

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Cultivate Intuitive Guidance

The speech emphasizes the critical role of intuitive guidance for leaders in navigating an anxiety-driven world. It underscores the significance of developing and nurturing one’s intuition as a vital tool for effective leadership in today’s complex and uncertain landscape.

  • Importance of Intuition: Leaders need to recognize the value of intuition as a guiding force in decision-making
  • Navigating Complexity: In an anxiety-driven world filled with complexity and rapid changes, relying solely on logic and data might not suffice.
  • Leadership Adaptability: Leaders should invest in practices that foster intuition, like mindfulness, and reflection, to adapt and lead confidently amid uncertainty.

Master Your Energy. Ignite Your Life.

This speech highlights the significance of mastering one’s energy, particularly in the context of emotions, and redirecting it to proactively address challenges before they arise. It explores why high-performing individuals across various fields, including entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes, are embracing mindfulness practices to attain mastery in their endeavors.

  • Emotional Mastery for Prevention: Mastering emotions and channeling energy strategically is a proactive approach to circumvent challenges before they escalate.
  • Mindfulness for High Performance: Mindfulness enables focus, clarity, and the ability to harness energy effectively, contributing to greater mastery in their respective domains.
  • Strategic Energy Utilization: Redirecting energy isn’t just about controlling emotions; it’s about strategic utilization

Living a Vibrant Life

This speech underscores the importance of establishing a strong foundation for a life filled with freedom, guidance, support, and peace in decision-making. It also explores the significance of pushing the boundaries of creativity, embracing challenges at the creative edge, which ultimately leads to vibrancy, enriched conversations, self-expression, and drives substantial and meaningful change.

  • Foundation for Freedom and Peace: When decisions are rooted in a strong foundation, they become more aligned with personal values, leading to a greater sense of assurance and contentment.
  • Embracing the Creative Edge: Stepping out of comfort zones fosters better conversations, helps in finding one’s authentic voice, and leads to meaningful expressions that can ignite change.
  • Driving Meaningful Change: Challenging the creative edge isn’t just about personal growth; it’s a catalyst for meaningful change.

Managing Stress and Power Tools

This speech focuses on utilizing internal “Power Tools” to effectively manage stress and access greater energy, vitality, courage, drive, and passion. It highlights the importance of leveraging these tools to combat stress and harness inner resources for a more vibrant and empowered life.

  • Harnessing Inner Resources such as mindfulness, resilience, and self-awareness to act as resources to manage stress effectively, tapping into greater energy reserves and vitality.
  • Empowerment in Stress Management by accessing these internal “Power Tools,” individuals can cultivate courage, drive, and passion even in stressful situations.
  • Enhancing Energy and Vitality by utilizing these inner resources doesn’t just mitigate stress; it boosts energy and vitality..

Music & meditation

Expand creative thinking, problem-solving & communication skills, & promote healing in body, mind, & spirit.

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Kimberly Cain EXPERTISE

Leadership - 100%
Energy - 100%
Communication - 100%
Performing Artist - 100%
Inspiration - 100%

Kimberly’s intuitive guidance is POWERFUL. She has the ability to shift perspectives, so that previously difficult subjects & situations become suddenly simple to understand. She taps into what we all want to express, but can’t on our own. Her genuine joy & happiness, her laughter, gives me the freedom to engage & push through my limitations without fear of judgment, raising my awareness in complete safety & in fun, creative ways.

Victoria DeAndaTV Producer/Director, NBC

What Kimberly has to offer is truly transformational! Not only does she have the vision/wisdom/inspiration to encourage leaders to ignite their flame…but it is her POWERFUL VOICE that acts as a guiding light.

Jonathan ReecePresident, PERMISSION® Skincare for Men

Kimberly Cain has spoken at Career Jump-Start multiple times & each time her presentations are more valuable & creative! Her zeal for living life to the fullest & enjoying every step of your life journey

Kathryn BradfordVP Sales, NOVO 1 & Co-Founder, Career Jump Start

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