For a practical, proven, data-driven approach to accelerate growth, create value and improve performance, connect with Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing (founded in1999). She is recognized as a pioneer and leading authority in the Marketing Performance Management (MPM) discipline. Laura began her 25-plus year career in sales and had the great fortune of working across functions spanning customer success, strategy, product marketing, analytics and marketing operations, so she brings a holistic approach to achieving your goals.

Companies have relied on her expertise to improve processes to grow their business and to provide knowledge transfer to grow their team’s talent. She can do the same for you.

Laura was well ahead of the trend of focusing on accountability when she launched the unique Marketing Performance Benchmark study in 2001. Over the years the results have served as an invaluable roadmap for organizations tackling marketing measurement. With marketing accountability being crucial to businesses, her patented methodology paved the way to connect marketing activity and investments to business results and giving more marketing leaders a place at the C-level table.

Others have noted her contribution to the industry: Martechexec named Laura as one of the top 50 women in marketing technology and the Sales Lead Management Association choose her as one of the Top 20 Women in Business. As part of giving back to the profession, she served on the University of Texas McCombs School of Business Masters of Marketing Science Advisory Board. She is the author of four acclaimed books, including Fast-Track Your Business (2020).

Featured Topics:

Fuel Growth with 4 Enabling Marketing Capabilities

Description:  Time to push pass surviving to thriving.  Growth takes a different energy.  This conversation focuses on why customer-centricity is the key to growth for every organization.  This discussion takes you through four pivotal capabilities every company needs to grow. These capabilities fall within the domain of Marketing. Whether you have Marketing as a stand-alone function or not, to fuel growth all four of these must be firing on all cylinders.  These four capabilities entail:

  • Taking a Customer-Centric Approach
  • Building an Outcome-Based Growth Plan from Actionable Data-Derived Insights
  • Operational Excellence: All organizations run on processes.
  • Performance Management for Fast Maneuvering


​For many business leaders, growth is the number one mandate. But growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action. Join this program if you are looking for a practical customer-centric framework that provides a systematic process for navigating and accelerating a sustainable path to organic growth.

  • Make customer-centric more than a buzzword
  • Use upstream Marketing to drive growth
  • Apply a framework to accelerate traction in the market


Best-in-Class marketers understand that building a culture of accountability drives and demonstrates how your organization is delivering real business value. These leading marketers continually receive praise and additional investment dollars as their C-Suite peers recognize their value.

  • Gain insight into marketing’s contribution (the value of the marketing dashboard)
  • Impact strategy and making every investment count
  • Prove Marketing’s value


To be truly successful and deliver real value to the business, Marketing organizations need to become agile, strengthen their operational capabilities and transform themselves into a Center of Excellence (CoE). The Gartner 2020 concurs and reported that “the CMO needs a function that can drive operational excellence in planning and execution across the span of the organization.”

  • Establish Marketing as a CoE
  • Fulfill your organization’s potential
  • Unleash the power of Marketing Ops

What people are saying…

B2B Consultant

I have used Laura’s excellent “Managing Touchpoint Value” 10-step process as a stimulating exercise for MBA students, with great success.

Growth Strategist

Laura is a true leader, exceptional team builder AND strategic thinker who can drive RESULTS.

Specialists at Google

It’s been an honor to work with Laura, I reached out to her while preparing a series of interviews on marketing analytics. Laura was super kind to make the time to share her knowledge and wisdom.


Growth doesn’t just occur–growth takes the right culture, processes and discipline.


Ready. Set. Grow!Former football player and coach, Lou Holtz, once said: “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.” Most every company leader is in pursuit of growth. Growing companies are attractive. They’re attractive to partners, employees, and of course customers. If your company is not growing, then you and your shareholders are losing equity, profit, and employees. Growth doesn’t just occur–growth takes the right culture, processes and discipline. Most importantly growth takes intent and deliberate focused action. Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with the market.In Fast-Track Your Business

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Laura's Expertise

Business - 100%
Strategy - 100%
Marketing - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Performance - 100%

I have used Laura's excellent ``Managing Touchpoint Value`` 10-step process as a stimulating exercise for MBA students, with great success.

B2B Consultant


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