Dr. Lori Eanes is a dynamic speaker whose expertise transcends traditional healthcare boundaries. With a focus on fostering meaningful patient-doctor interactions, she empowers patients to ask questions and doctors to listen attentively.

As a seasoned family medicine physician, Dr. Eanes specializes in integrative care, championing holistic wellness approaches. Her leadership extends to personal client consultations and corporate wellness initiatives, where she guides participants towards achieving improved health outcomes while reducing their reliance on medications.

Dr. Eanes’ unique practice seamlessly combines her extensive training and certifications in health coaching. She also serves as an esteemed advisory board member of Body & Brain Yoga, an instructor affiliated with the Food for Life program, and a practitioner of emotional freedom techniques. Her diverse background encompasses both conventional and complementary medicine, making her the ideal choice for individuals seeking a lifestyle-oriented approach to healthcare.

Notably, Dr. Eanes holds prestigious board certifications from the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Holistic Medicine, and the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons. Her commitment to fostering a healthcare environment where patients’ voices are heard and doctors are partners in wellness is a testament to her passion and expertise.

Featured Topics:


“Going Beyond the Standard of Care” explores the importance of surpassing the conventional norms and expectations in various aspects of life, whether in healthcare, business, personal relationships, or personal growth. By examining the significance of this mindset shift, we discover how it can lead to innovation, improved outcomes, and a more fulfilling existence.  Dr. Lori challenges us to break free from mediocrity and complacency, inspiring us to reach for greatness in all that we do.

  • Innovation Breeds Excellence by embracing innovation not only improves the quality of our work but also opens doors to unexpected opportunities.
  • Enhanced Impact and Results by exceeding the standard of care, we can make a more significant impact on the lives of others. 
  • Personal Growth and Fulfillment will push us out of our comfort zones and motivate us to continuously improve, ultimately leading to a more rewarding and meaningful life.


This engaging speech explores the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment both within and beyond the confines of the workplace. It delves into the importance of balancing one’s professional life with personal well-being, emphasizing the significance of finding joy in all aspects of life. Through anecdotes, strategies, and insights, this speech aims to inspire individuals to lead more gratifying and balanced lives.

  • Work-Life Integration by striking this balance not only enhances overall happiness but also leads to increased productivity and creativity at work.
  • Cultivating mindfulness and practicing gratitude are essential components of finding joy in daily life. 
  • Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is paramount. The importance of self-care routines


This empowering speech addresses the challenges and opportunities that women encounter in the healthcare industry. It highlights the importance of gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity in healthcare, emphasizing the need to empower women to thrive in this vital sector. The speech aims to inspire change and action, fostering an environment where women can excel and contribute their unique perspectives and skills to the field.

  • Breaking Gender Barriers by empowering women in healthcare involves dismantling gender biases and barriers that have traditionally hindered their progress.
  • Mentorship and Support by encouraging mentorship and support networks for women in healthcare is crucial. 
  • Diverse Perspectives for Better Healthcare by empowering women in healthcare brings diverse perspectives to the table, which can lead to improved patient care, innovative solutions, and more equitable healthcare systems.


This enlightening speech focuses on the concept of creating a “Health Portfolio” for both organizations and their employees. It explores the idea of approaching health holistically, beyond traditional wellness programs, to foster well-being and resilience. The speech offers insights into how businesses can empower their workforce to proactively manage their health and, in turn, boost productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Building a Health Portfolio involves looking at health from a holistic perspective, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 
  • Empowerment Through Education by providing employees with the tools, resources, and education to manage their own health is essential. 
  • Long-Term Benefits for Companies by Investing in employee health through a Health Portfolio yields long-term benefits for organizations.

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Lori Eanes Expertise

Integrative care - 100%
Holistic wellness - 100%
Health coaching - 100%
Emotional freedom techniques - 100%
Lifestyle-oriented healthcare - 100%

Dr. Lori Eanes is magic. She brings delight and joy to whomever she meets. She is a great motivator and believes in treatment of the mind as well as the body.

Nurse SupervisorCommunity Medical Centers, CA

I have high praise for Dr. Eanes’ One to One Wellness program. Her graciousness is a bonus on top of her expertise and commitment to providing complete health and well-being.”

Clinical Psychologist & Life Coach

Dr. Eanes calls upon us all to think more clearly about not only our state of health, but also our truth. And to our delight, she does it with compassion, style and wit. As they say. run don’t walk,’ to see Dr. Lori Eanes.

AAMET International, NYC

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