Paul Templer is one of those motivational speakers. When meeting professionals are looking for a “wow-experience” that’s when they call Paul. He takes attendees on an emotional roller coaster ride… they laugh, cry, gasp, shake their heads in disbelief… they consistently report leaving motivated; inspired to scrap the grumpy victim shuffle we all occasionally adopt when life doesn’t work out the way we want it to – choosing instead to look for and to make the most out of whatever it is that life has to offer. What’s Left of Me published; works on documentaries with National Geographic and Discovery; established a foundation focused on helping people to live more fully in their lives with dignity (including veterans and their families as they learn to navigate their lives living with PTSD)… oh, and he learned how to change a diaper with one hand.

Paul Templer is living proof that your life can change in an instant… and when it does, if you want to… you get to choose what’s possible and what happens next. He was born in Africa, amidst war and strife. Wanderlust struck him early and he traveled the globe; he served with distinction in the British Army; led extreme expeditions to some of the last uncharted places left on earth and by all accounts had a rip-roaring time. Eventually, he “settled down” to lead photographic safaris back in his native homeland.  That was until March 1996—when Paul was attacked by a rogue hippo while guiding a small group of tourists down the Zambezi River. Now THAT was a bad day at the office! The attack took the life of another guide who Paul was trying to save and cost Paul his left arm.  Immediately after the attack Paul clumsily navigated the dark dysfunctional space that seemed to stretch out ahead of him; his life had been, quite literally, ripped apart.


A Bad Day at the Office: The Safari Guide’s Adversity Tool-Kit

A Bad Day at the Office: The Safari Guide’s Adversity Tool-KitWhile guiding an African river safari, Paul Templer was attacked by an enraged hippopotamus that pulled him from his canoe and swallowed him headfirst up to his waist. His life was spared, but his arm was taken from him. Chances are a hippo hasn’t swallowed anyone in your organization, but everyone has bad days at the office, and no one gets through life without confronting adversity and change.

Transform change and adversity into opportunity and success

Build your strongest identity—both personally and professionally

Take increasing responsibility for your actions and act more consistently with your values

BS Is Optional: A Powerful, Mood-Altering Seminar

BS Is Optional: A Powerful, Mood-Altering SeminarMood is everything. It’s just not the only thing. Even the most competent and committed amongst us allow our performance to suffer when we indulge in unproductive moods. Be entertained and inspired as you learn to apply simple and easy practices that enable you to boldly and confidently claim that BS is Optional as you move successfully, navigating and making the most of these turbulent/challenging times… if you choose to.

More energy in the daytime… feeling less drained

Enhanced physical, emotional, psychological and relational resilience

Increased patience and decreased irritability, anger, frustration, resentment, and resignation

Improved physical and mental health

What people are saying…

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“Paul changed my life in ways I can’t even comprehend as of yet!”


“Paul’s story is captivating…you are on the edge of your seat…”

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“Paul’s personal story is truly inspirational, but his skills as a storyteller are what makes his story remarkable.”

Quote: “You are the sum of your choices, you are exactly who, what, and where you choose to be in life.”


The transition from Zimbabwe to Beverly Hills, Michigan would be challenging for anyone, even for those with advantage. So with no money, no job and no arm, Paul Templer faced more than the usual obstacles. As his story reveals, with an acute sense of what is possible, Paul tackled his pursuit of the American dream with the same determination he used to fight the rogue hippo that almost took his life. And he was victorious in both battles.

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Perseverance - 100%
Leadership - 100%
Success - 100%
Stress - 100%
Attitude - 100%

“Paul changed my life in ways I can’t even comprehend as of yet!”

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