As a leader, Reginald Bullock has acquired a proven track record of successes as a highly effective, results-oriented professional who possesses the strategies, insights, and experiences needed to enact positive change within entire organizations and multi-billion-dollar programs. Fostering top-tier leadership and communication skills within teams to promote the creation of highly skilled leaders.

Reggie has over twenty years of executive leadership experience, including leading large teams in complex organizations, solving organization-wide problems, and implementing large-scale initiatives. He has extensive experience in the strategic intelligence and training arenas.

Reggie’s strengths are in team building, facilitating, leadership development, and coaching individuals to reach their fullest potential. His approach is dynamic and exploratory. He enables individuals to capitalize on their talents and seek more self-awareness.

One of his most influential roles was as a Commander for an F-16 Fighter Aircraft maintenance organization, where he led a significant organizational shift in culture, standards, and strategy. Establishing mutual trust, communication, and clearly defined expectations were some key elements of his ability to lead change.

He holds an undergraduate degree in education, a master’s degree in strategic intelligence and is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He attended a year-long Congressional Fellow’s Program with the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill and served as Air Force Legislative Liaison for two years after the program.

Reggie is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with over 26 years of total service. He is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching Certificate program at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership (ICF Certified) and is a qualified administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Featured Topics:


Understanding your why and recognizing there is power in your choices will help you develop the strength that is already inside of you knowing who you are and who you want to be will allow you to see yourself more clearly than others see you. Dream Big and chase your dream.

  • What does it mean to be the best version of yourself?
  • Joy, Peace and Happiness
  • Actionable Items; How to Plan out your time
  • Self-Awareness


When you identify the power within you it starts within you. Raised in the streets of Philadelphia, single parent, latch key kid in a drug and gang infested environment. Entrepreneur at age 14, fashion designer, disc jockey, military, and other disciplines helped me to see the power in me.

  • Knowing who you are
  • Taking your Power Back
  • What do you stand for?
  • Using your power


What makes a great leader? People… People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care, so you have to put the hard work in to become the leader you think you are. The reality of leadership is the weight of the responsibility on your shoulders and how committed you are to carrying that weight.

  • Heavy is the head that wears the crown
  • Relationships – Honor your word
  • Lead, follow or get out of the way
  • Commitment – To Mission, To People, To Self

What people are saying…

Georgetown University

“I give my strongest recommendation to Reggie Bullock for this program. Reggie has the commitment, drive for excellence, experience, and passion for developing his self and others.”

Hxing V3

“It does not matter who they are or at what level, he simply enjoys helping others and gains satisfaction watching them succeed with the tools he has given them”

Ferdinand Lee

“Reginald is one of the most focused individuals at completing any task set before him.”

“Being your best self means knowing who you are. You are going to pay your dues, you can pay those dues now and earn the right to play later or play now and pay those dues for the rest of your life”  Reginald Bullock


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Who are you? Why are you, you? Do you like being you? Are you satisfied with who you are? Do you want your mojo back? What if you could design and become the best version of yourself? Would you be willing to walk that journey? What if you could have the power of increased self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect? Would you take that leap of faith to discover your powers? This book will take you on the journey of discovering who you are meant to be. You will learn how to overcome in order to become the best version of yourself along with the byproduct of living in joy, peace and happiness every day.

Becoming The Best Version of Yourself is a conscious process and a choice. We all deserve to experience this beautiful journey of discovery. It’s not about how you started in life. It’s about waking up to the realization of who you are, can and will become.

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The ability to have a strong work ethic, go after something you want or even achieve greatness are traits within us all. However, discovering those traits and using your greatness is often an elusive challenge. This book will give you an understanding of what some of those traits are inside you and help you walk the journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Translating your abilities into actions and your actions to mastery of your capabilities is a power many seek but often fall short. This book will share information to strengthen your characteristics and how to manage your newfound power. To become, you must first overcome. This book will help you overcome barriers between who you are and who you are meant to be.

It’s All About the Hustle is a way of life and philosophy of winners. When you are truly getting your hustle on and are in that powerful zone and mindset of achievement, the energy inside you will radiate success.

The Horn and the Halo is about an angelic demon who somehow ended up with a halo wedged over one of his horns. His childlike behavior and animated thoughts compel you to see him as a lovable character, although he can be very devilish. As Lord Devil begins to plot against Thath, the book transitions to Earth, where the Defense Forces (good guys and gals) are protecting the people of Earth and the planet itself. The various characters in the military all play a vital role as a team to maintain the balance of the forces, as well as themselves. Each one is a very strong leader to include one of the new recruits. Although this is a fictional book, you might see yourself or someone you know in one or more of the characters.

Father To Son, A Guide To Growing Up In A Difficult World is a no nonsense book which is targeted primarily to young men who are not being raised by their fathers, who need male guidance in their life, and or, who just cannot find their way to the right path of manhood. Although it targets the young, many people from age 22 to 82 may find this book to be very helpful. The book addresses the current issues and problems that our youth have to deal with and why, from a father to son perspective. It also gives guidance and direction for those who might need it.

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“I give my strongest recommendation to Reggie Bullock for this program. Reggie has the commitment, drive for excellence, experience, and passion for developing his self and others.”

Georgetown University


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