Dr. Brown has worn a variety of hats throughout his professional career, including speaker, writer, professor and pastor. For a decade, he served as a successor to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (author of The Power of Positive Thinking) as Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Ave. in New York City.

He is the author of numerous books (and contributing author to several others), including the upcoming volumes The Love Principle and 101 Ways To Love The Life You Live.

Dr. Brown has taught at Wake Forest University, New Brunswick Theological School and High Point University. He currently serves as a Trustee at High Point and is an adjunct professor and academic mentor to doctoral students at New Brunswick.

He has hosted four ABC specials, one NBC special, one PBS fund-raiser, and has made guest appearances on numerous national podcasts, radio, and TV programs.

During his years in New York City, Dr. Brown had a weekly television program that appeared in the tri-state area and was viewed each week by people in 167 countries via live-streaming. In March 2020, he appeared in the PBS special, 5 Steps to a Loving and Purposeful Life.

In 2018, Dr. Brown received The Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking from the Peale Foundation. He also serves as a member of Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Thought Council.

He does motivational speaking in a wide variety of venues including corporate and institutional settings, civic organizations, university and college campuses, correctional facilities (including, e.g., Sing Sing Prison in NY) and numerous Chautauqua campuses. 

Featured Topics

Prescription for Happiness
There are three essential requirements for happiness in life. Without them, one may acquire possessions, status, influence and authority but will not find happiness. In this presentation, Dr. Brown leads his audience on a journey of discovery, exploring the three simple but non-negotiable factors if your desire is to become happy.

Think Your Way to a Brand New You
If you are not satisfied with your life as it is, you have the power to change that. It begins internally with your perspective, attitudes and worldview. In this presentation, Dr. Brown examines mind-mapping and helpful, intriguing information from the world of neuroscience, confirming the exciting truth that you are not forever confined to things as they are nor to yourself as you are. You can “Think Your Way to a Brand New You.”

Ages and Stages: The Life Journey
A wide variety of opportunities and challenges confront us during all of life’s four primary age classifications. In this program, Dr. Brown explores with his audience what to expect in each and how to create an exciting, rewarding and successful life at whatever stage you are along the journey.

Four Paths to a Meaningful Life
Psychologists tell us that the primary need of humans is to find a sense of meaning (purpose, raison d’etre). There are four indispensable and proven ways to do that. In this presentation, Dr. Brown walks his listeners through the four avenues to a meaningful life.

I Count, Too! (Self-Care for Helping Professionals and Personal Caregivers)
For the many professionals or private individuals who are responsible every day for helping others, fatigue, discouragement and burnout are frequent results. In this presentation, Dr. Brown provides insight and instruction about how to survive caregiving. This includes methods for discovering restoration and rejuvenation, guilt-free ways of taking care of yourself in order to provide the best care for those who depend on you.

Dreaming the Right Dreams (And Making Them Come True)
Who knows you better than you know yourself? If the answer is “No one,” then you can be your own best life coach. At some deep level, you have an understanding of your skills and your desires. Dr. Brown assists his listeners in bringing that understanding to a level of consciousness that gives birth to professional success and personal satisfaction in life.

Five Steps to Satisfaction and Success
How do we experience life in all its fullness? How do we find the most fulfilling type of life for ourselves? How do we make an impact on the lives of others? The answers to those questions are found in five words: Dream, Do, Define, Discipline and Daily. In this presentation, Dr. Brown will lead his audience on a focused venture from where we are to where we want to be.


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Michael's Expertise

Goal Setting - 100%
Positive Thinking - 100%
Attitude - 100%
Success - 100%
Happiness Development - 100%

Dr. Michael Brown has a unique gift for story-telling and delivers in a way that is completely relevant to his audience. He is a speaker of phenomenal talent, demonstrating his kindness with a special gift for empathy in heart-felt deliveries. Uplifting, humorous, and sincere, Dr. Michael Brown will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, rejuvenated and just plain good about yourself and the world around you. Without a doubt he left our attendees wanting to hear more. He is a true professional in every sense of the word; from the planning stages of your event to the final presentation. He can relate to any audience, anywhere and in any situation. You will be amazed.

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