May 3,   11 AM CT / 9 AM PT

How Bad Things Can Make Us Better People

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How Bad Things Can Make Us Better People:

Paradoxically, the adversity or struggles we feel buried by are often the very conditions we need for growth. The premise of this talk is not that we have to endure hardship, nor that we should seek to attract a life free of it, but that that difficult moments can be a catalyst for creating the best version of ourselves – purpose driven, strong, compassionate and wise. We just need to know how to respond well when tough times come.

Key learnings:

  • The role of suffering or personal challenge in defining life’s purpose.
  • How to confront bad times in a way that makes you better – not weaker.
  • How to enjoy the journey.


Ben Woodward has become a highly sought-after authority on personal and corporate transformation, helping individuals and organizations alike navigate through the complex and often uncomfortable journey of meaningful, lasting, and positive change. As the author of the best-selling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben is quickly becoming the go-to person for empowering others in their efforts to turn adversity, struggle and suffering into strength, meaning and purpose.

He speaks specifically to our ability to turn crisis into opportunity, the virtues and attributes of inspirational leadership, helping organizations fall in love with corporate vision and empowering teams to become their very best. His experience with growing multi-billion dollar organizations as well as stuck mature businesses, excited new start-ups, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs ensures his message is one that is relevant for all audiences.

Ben Woodward

Speaker and Author of The Empowerment Paradox

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