Brandon Kelly, speaker, author, training and business expert. He is the author of 101 Ways to sell your house and keep the commission, The ABC’s of Business Survival, Revival, and Thrival in the modern economy, and The Watermark Principles.

Brandon has started several companies and is known for his out of the box approach and always finding a winning solution. He made his first million in his twenties. He has successfully coached and mentored businesses as well as fought cancer twice, survived two critical dump trucks accidents and had to learn to walk and talk again, mentored thousands of youth, and accomplished over 2000 goals all before he was twenty two years old. Now he continues his pursuit of adventure and mentoring businesses while he motivates employees and corporations to perform at a personal best pace every day and the A.C.E. formula to overcome hurdles and make them your strength.

As a result, you will experience an event that will help them be more productive, invigorated, and they will come to realize their true talents, all in a way that will quickly improve your bottom line. Brandon is perfect for audiences ranging from school based programs, personal and professional associations, employees, management, and corporate events.

Featured Topics:

Elevate Your Efforts to Elevate Your Excellence
Learn the secret keys to getting your team to perform at their best day in and day out! In addition to raising the bar of expectations your team will be better focused on doing their part and stepping up to be become world class in customer service and sales. A MUST for every business!!!

  • ACE principles for success
  • Measuring your best performance
  • Setting higher levels of achievement
  • Pursue excellence in all you do

The Distinctive Watermark Principles How to Live a World Class Life:
Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Improving Everyday Performance & Accountability. This is the ideal presentation for identifying corporate road blocks, areas and ways to improve, and motivating the audience to daily performance vs. daily attendance. You will learn how to take winning at track and field events perspective to winning attitude in everything you do. See if you can clear the bar and set your own records! Watch your bottom line grow and your departments glow.

  • What is your watermark going to be?
  • How you perform at the world class level
  • Leaving a distinctive mark for others to see and achieve

ABC’s of Business & Sales Survival, Thrival, and Revival
The Emergency Room approach to strengthen any business, find more sales, and strengthen any size company. Perfect for Organizations, Managers, and Leadership to quickly improve their business.

  • Taking a first responder view
  • Check the airway – status of how the company is going/breathing
  • Breathing – how are the employees and how engaged are your employees
  • Circulation – how relevant you are to your customer base

Effective Leadership within your Organization
You will learn how to more effectively measure, apply, and perform everyday activities to impact performance. You will also learn how to be bold as a leader and a follower in every organization as part of your professional development. Learn how to always soar like an eagle and how to Manage your Time like a Millionaire.

  • The importance of Budgeting Brilliance: How to grow your business Strategically
  • Performing to Personalities: Learn Super Sells Steps to Sale
  • Quality Customer Service vs. Distinctive Customer Service.

Excellence in Leadership
Leadership Excellence means being on the road towards what is better, more successful. This requires the leader to be committed to development and improvement and be aware of them. Know what should be changed and how the change is to be implemented and need to be going ahead.

  • Identifying yourself as an excellence leader
  • Help others believe and achieve their personal best
  • Getting on the same P.A.I.G.E of success (Passion, Authenticity, Innovation, Growth, Excellence)

Building and Taking Your Business to the Shark Tank
Building and Taking Your Business to the Shark Tank: How to Invest and Swim with the Sharks. Key steps you need to take to get your business ready for the Shark Tank and make a splash in the investment world.

  • Is Your Product Worthy of the Sharks’ Attention?

Unique and Innovative: The sharks are looking for unique and innovative products that stand out from the competition.
Solves a Problem: Your product should solve a problem for your target audience and make their lives easier.

Market Potential: Your product should have a large market potential and be scalable.

Profitable: Your product should have a clear path to profitability and have a solid business model.

  • Understand your core audience and how to deliver to them
  • Negotiating your deal while leveraging your credibility

Quote: You elevate yourself by supporting others to be their best

What people are saying..

Sales Manager
“With Brandon’s talk he supported our teams revenue to increase over 80% in the first quarter. I highly recommend him and his presentations”

Director of Human Resources
“An essential duty of leadership is empowering others to become the best version of themselves. Brandon knows how to empower his audience.”

Event Coordinator
Factor Forms & Labels Canada
“Brandon’s Presentation was amazing! His presentation flowed perfectly with our theme!”

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