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For all his career, Andrew Busch has been on the front lines of the economy and the markets.  Andy traded currencies and wrote research on the markets during the 1985 Plaza Accord; the 1998 Russian default; and to the 2008 global financial crisis. He’s advised major mutual funds, hedge funds, US Treasury Secretaries and the White House. In 2017, he became the nation’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer at the CFTC. He provided economic and market briefings to the SEC, the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve of New York and the White House.  He is an outside economic advisor to the White House during this time economic uncertainty and challenges caused by the coronavirus.

After a career of 35 plus years, he brings his perspective, insights and energy for fighting for the last piece of dinner to as many people and organizations as possible. Andy breaks down the economy, politics and technology to simplify the complexity and ensure that everyone can understand how they impact business and jobs. As a member of a large family and a husband/father of his own large family, Andy knows the importance of seeing through difficult, chaotic times towards the opportunities the future holds.

Quote: “He’s fast, upbeat and funny…and engages any audience using polling and storytelling. Andy spent his career doing this for an investment bank, but also just did this for the US govt. as the 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the nation. Today, Andy works with financial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and energy firms…any group trying to answer”

Featured Topics:

The Economy: where do we go from here?

How to Overcome, Adapt and Thrive!

Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A

Andrew Busch’s, “Economy: where do we go from here?” is an in-depth study of the economy from a speaker with a deep understanding of how the markets and business are shaped by world events like infectious disease and elections.  Andrew details the supercharged trends and new opportunities awaiting those that are prepared.  He’ll share why a vaccine will greatly help and how it will influence growth. Andrew is not only a noted economist, he’s an infectious disease expert and author. (World Event Trading) He provides context for understanding a Biden administration and what these policies will mean for growth.

  • Update on virus and government programs to help
  • Key trends supercharged by the virus
  • Thinking beyond crisis and what happens next

Ag Economy: a big shift

Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A

Drawing from his experience as the US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO), Andrew Busch deciphers the current U.S., global and political economic landscape, explaining the key challenges facing the agriculture world today. He answers the question, “Where Do We Go from Here?”

For audiences, he answers the critical questions: why are the Ag markets volatile, how will this impact agriculture and when will it end? As CMIO, he created objective research on the financial markets to the CFTC, SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve. As an authority on the markets, he provides policy insights for what works, what doesn’t and what to expect in the future.

  • How will the Biden administration change the policies currently in place at USDA, USTR and Treasury?
  • How will a vaccine change the outlook for global exports?
  • How will supercharged trends like WFH, digitization and AI impact farming via ethanol and environment?

Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A

Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG is considered one of the hottest investment themes today for clients and investment professionals. Andy explains how a Biden victory and the new EU budget will supercharge interest in ESG. And it’s already starting as record amount of money has flowed into sustainable focused ETFs and open-end mutual funds in 2019. What’s stunning is money flowed into ESG in a record amount during the COVID-19 outbreak and shutdown of the global economy!

In this keynote, Andy covers what ESG is, why the demand has risen, examples of ESG fund strategies and why there is a tremendous opportunity via the 2020 US election and the new EU stimulus program. As a former regulator and CMIO of the CFTC, Andy Busch explains how ESG came about, what the risks are and how ESG is trickier for investing than it looks. And as an added bonus, he tells you how does it fits into a bigger picture of the economy and how it will impact your industry. After working for the agency that approved bitcoin, Andy brings a unique perspective to explaining why the SEC is not likely to approve ESG and regulate it. And why that will matter to all investment professionals and investors.

  • What ESG is as an investment theme and its history
  • What are key risks for ESG investors
  • Why 2020 US election and the new EU stimulus plan will supercharge it

What people are saying…

CEO, ACES Power Marketing

“Mr. Busch was an outstanding speaker as our audience was thoroughly engaged and captivated by his fast paced, insightful and humorous presentation.”

President, First Citizens Investor Services

“The connection with Washington and the markets was both insightful and entertaining. Great feedback from our group.”

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Profit & Loss

“Simply put, we were delighted to have Andrew Busch provide his keen insights into the economy, politics and market turbulence. Andy was gracious with his time with our conference attendees and was great to work with. He provided almost unlimited access to all the attendees interested in learning more and gave the conference a knowledge base to understand the markets. He was fun, entertaining and passionate on topics that can be challenging for audiences. We’d have him back anytime.”

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“Mr. Busch was an outstanding speaker as our audience was thoroughly engaged and captivated by his fast paced, insightful and humorous presentation.”

CEOACES Power Marketing


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