David McBee is an author, trainer and professional speaker. He works with sales representatives and business owners around the world teaching and creating curriculum about the intricacies of internet marketing. Considered an expert in his field, David is known for his passion, sense of humor and talent for making the complicated simple.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, this Eagle Scout earned a BFA in Theater from Avila University and spent his twenties as a salesperson and entrepreneur. Though David found success in both, he preferred the personal development side of business and switched his focus to training. Helping others become their best selves is what led him to write Everyday Lessons Every Day. David’s humble hope is to enhance his readers’ lives emotionally and spiritually with this honest look into his journey to grateful.

David regularly speaks in front of large groups about such topics as targeted display, online reputation management, social media strategies and more. His style is engaging and fun and everyone walks away from David’s presentations with strategies that will help grow their business online.

Featured Topics:

Reputation Management Trends

It’s time to stop “managing” your online reputation. We have to quit “taking care of” negative reviews and comments. Businesses and individuals must embrace their online presence and shape their reputation with intention and purpose.

Consumers already trust what others say about you more than all of your great marketing and clever ad campaigns combined. You have no power to eliminate or disguise an unhappy customer base or a social trail of negative breadcrumbs.

The future is in being proactive and creating an online presence that isn’t easily damaged with a handful of bad reviews, a negative expose or irresponsible social posts.

Trends of Internet Marketing

Marketing professionals must continue to stay current on the latest online technologies, practices and trends to keep their competitive edge. Other important aspects of Internet marketing include tracking Web analytics and creating search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to expand the reach of a business or brand.

Here are a few of David’s most popular seminars. If you don’t see your topic here, David can create a custom presentation for your organization.

  • Ranking on Google – A Deep Dive into SEO, Local Maps and Paid Search Strategies
  • The Website Experience: Converting Clicks Into Cash
  • Online Targeted Display Advertising: Reaching Your Relevant Audience
  • Internet Marketing ROI: Taking Advantage of the 5+ Hours a Day that Your Prospects are Online

Everyday Lessons Every Day

Being the Better Version of Yourself

As a professional speaker and trainer, David McBee has inspired thousands of salespeople and business owners all while his own relationships suffered. After many years of struggling with misplaced priorities, he decided to make a change. David mapped out a plan to improve his relationships by reading 20 minutes a day, every day, from quality self-improvement books and applying the wisdom of those everyday lessons to his own life.

In this live presentation, David shares what he learned on his journey and how he uses that knowledge to improve his relationships with his family, friends and coworkers. His willingness to share the ugly realities of his mistakes is refreshing and what makes this series relatable to everyone.


“There’s sure to be something you can learn from this father, husband, friend and coworker that will help you also become a better version of yourself.”

What people are saying…

Sean Rogers, Director (Client Development at Gannett)

David McBee is a fantastic speaker – and if you are programming an event for a marketing trade show, b2b organization or educating employees – do yourself a favor and call him!

Liz B.

“David McBee delivers a powerful, relatable and humorous view into the world of every spouse, parent, co-worker, and friend. Everyday Lessons Every Day is a fun and relatable”

Todd C

“McBee’s maiden voyage into the literary world of self-help and personal development is a spot on home run.


With unabashed honesty and a keen sense of humor, David shares his challenges and triumphs as he takes a journey down the self-help road. His personal stories are relatable and the lessons learned applicable in today’s society.

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David McBee is a fantastic speaker – and if you are programming an event for a marketing trade show, b2b organization or educating employees – do yourself a favor and call him!

Sean Rogers, DirectorClient Development at Gannett


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