Derrick Kinney is the author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller, Good Money Revolution. As host of the popular Good Money podcast, Kinney visits with influential business and thought leaders to inspire you to make more money and use it for good. Known for making complex business and financial topics easy to understand, Kinney is a sought-after expert on local and national media where he has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS, Cheddar News, and Wall Street Journal among others.

Derrick Kinney, is here to change the way people view and talk about money. He’s on a mission to help people make a lot more money and then use it to do good!

As a Private Wealth Advisor at Derrick Kinney & Associates for over 25 years, Derrick has a proven track record of providing financial security and quality advice to help people live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. But upon realizing that he no longer had the driving passion to be a financial advisor on his annual sabbatical in 2019, Derrick knew it was time to sell his practice, bet on himself again, and go in a different direction.

Fast forward to today and Derrick is now a successful entrepreneur who’s still excelling in the financial services space but in a different way. Secure in the coveted top 1% of his field, Derrick is also author of the acclaimed Good Money Revolution and host of the popular Good Money Podcast.

Derrick’s “good money” mantra stems from this basic premise:

“If you’re not making the money you deserve and you’re not making the impact on the world you’ve always wanted, there’s a better way for your money.”

Featured Topics:

Discover Your Generosity Purpose: The Secret to Crush Your Sales Goals, Motivate Your Team, & Live a Life of Meaning and Purpose

You worry about missing your sales goals. Your #1 priority is helping your team grow their business and increase their revenue. In this talk, attendees are highly motivated as Derrick shares the tools to increase their sales, attract more ideal customers, AND impact the causes they care about. The result? You blow your sales goals out of the water—and your team finally feels lasting motivation to champion a cause bigger than themselves.

In this talk, Derrick will teach your attendees how to:

  • Increase sales and make more money using their “Generosity Purpose”
  • Transform their business by attracting more new customers that ADORE them
  • Generate more referrals from HAPPY customers while insulating their existing customers from the competition

3 Steps to Building the Highly-Profitable Business of the Future

As the leader, you want your franchisees and independent business owners to dominate their local market now and in the future. You know they could be more profitable, but you don’t know how to coach them to get there. In this talk, attendees receive a proven plan of action to skyrocket their profits by positioning themselves as the #1 expert in their field—so working with your business is a “no-brainer.”

In this talk, Derrick reveals how your attendees can:

  • Attract more ideal customers ready to pay higher prices
  • Implement a simple, sustainable model for HIGH-GROWTH profitability
  • Become the trusted, respected business and community leader customers want to work with

How to Own Your Success by Owning a Problem

The old way of increasing sales is by focusing on the features and benefits of your product or service. The problem? That creates a “who has the lower price?” comparison game with your competition which leads to lower revenue and profitability. That’s just not right. The new way? Own a problem and sell the solution—so you and your team can finally stand out, get paid more, and have a waitlist of customers wanting to work with you.

In this talk, Derrick empowers your team to:

  • Identify the #1 problem your ideal customers want solved
  • Stand out as the problem-solving SPECIALIST so you get paid a LOT more
  • Make your competition irrelevant by clearly differentiating yourself

Why Money is Not Bad and Good People Should Have More of It (Can be tailored as a sales growth message OR as a powerful fundraising message)

The number one reason you and your team aren’t making money is because you secretly believe money is bad. If you’re only making money to pad your bank account and stockpile your investments, you’re likely not experiencing the significance and purpose you want. The result? Massive burnout and not earning the money you deserve. That’s why you should have a proven plan to add meaning to your money—plus a simple strategy to make more of it. After this talk, you will never see money the same and you’ll see a lot more of it. (And that means your team, company, and/or organization reach their sales or fundraising goals!)

In this talk, Derrick will share with your attendees how to:

  • Exceed their sales goals so they can do more good for the causes they care about
  • Make money (and a lot of it) while experiencing more joy and meaning in their job (which means they stay with you LONGER)
  • Generate more business per customer by inviting them to be part of something bigger

Discovering Your Generosity Purpose: The Secret to Making More Money and Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose

Bet on Yourself: How One Tiny Shift Can Change Your Entire Life and Grow Your Business

Become a Community Hero: The New Way to Dominate Your Market and Skyrocket Your Business

Know Your “Wealth Why”: How to Add Meaning to Your Money and Make a Lot More of It

Good Money Giveaway: How to Spend Your Money to Experience the Happy, Successful Life of Significance You Crave

FUNDRAISING TALK: Why Money is Not Bad and Good People Should Have More of It

What People Are Saying

Technology CEO

Derrick’s professional success is no surprise, he is a dynamic speaker with a high commitment to excellence in his professional and personal life.

Sales Director

Derrick Kinney shares practical wisdom and profitable business and money advice I’ve never heard anywhere else. My sales team was inspired!


“I’m passionate about investing in the lives of young people and helping them reach their full potential.”


In Good Money Revolution, you’ll learn to make more money, live the life you deserve, and change the world, too. Derrick Kinney is the fresh financial voice to guide you there. This book gives you a shame-free, simple success plan for your money—without cutting out your favorite latte!

Money is good and you should have more of it. But not for the reasons you might think. Here’s a secret: lots of money won’t make you happy—until you add meaning to your money. When you connect your cash to a cause, your money to a movement, and your profits to a purpose you love, you will make more money and create a life full of meaning and purpose.


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Derrick's professional success is no surprise, he is a dynamic speaker with a high commitment to excellence in his professional and personal life.

Technology CEO


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