“Engaging, practical and hilarious…”

… is what audiences say about Dr. Denniston.

With extensive experience as a seasoned chiropractor and holding a specialized certification in Wellness Chiropractic (CCWP), along with being a Certified Personal Trainer, accomplished speaker, and published author, Dr. Denniston brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavors. She has graced the stages of conferences and renowned global corporations, including Microsoft. Her written works have found their place in Medium, Paleo magazine, and Thrive Global, including her authored book, “The Three Day Reset.”

Central to her contributions is her distinctive program, The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program, designed to ignite optimal wellness and propel employees’ productivity, efficacy, and achievements.

In her capacity as a Wellness Strategist, Dr. Denniston pioneers bespoke solutions for combatting burnout and stress, elevating the performance of high-caliber leaders and their teams. Her practical insights yield actionable strategies that revitalize vitality, enhance productivity, and foster resilience.

Her ultimate objective is to gracefully exit the stage, leaving behind a cohort of healthier, more content leaders whose impact is optimized, resulting in diminished attrition and a healthier organizational bottom line.

Featured Topics

Bridging the Connection Between Personal Well-Being and Professional Success

You are stressed, overwhelmed, and on the brink of burnout. You feel like you have no time for self-care, and it doesn’t matter because you’d have no clue what to tackle first. Join Dr. Denniston for this fast-paced, action-packed hour revealing wellness strategy secrets to leave you inspired and ready to act.

  • Why we are in a constant health headwind
  • The three secrets about stress you don’t know
  • Your most crucial well-being system is like a see-saw
  • The critical self-compassion practice that must come first
  • The trick to making new behaviors stick

Harnessing Resilience as Your Superpower

What if you could build resilience as a renewable fuel, and it had nothing to do with bouncing back or getting on with it? Join Dr. Denniston for an eye-opening hour that will leave you armed with secret tools to stave off burnout and amplify energy even during the most stressful times.

  • Guard your energy for ultimate influence
  • Use curiosity and a growth mindset as secret weapons
  • Cultivate courage and grit to make you bendier
  • Mine for joy to build leverage in chaos
  • Discover your resilience-building true north

You Are Spilling Your Most Precious Resource

The Personal and Professional Cost of Unknowingly Leaking Your Energy

You are exhausted and bordering on burnout. Your get-up-and-go has left the building, and you are unsure how to get it back. In this session, you will learn where you spill your most precious resource and the practical tools to shore up the holes in your bucket, buy back bandwidth, and get back to the things that truly matter.

  • Decision fatigue, focus, and multitasking drain your brain’s battery
  • Toxic relationships, over-giving, worry, and fear put you into overdraft
  • Working outside your zone of genius depletes you far more than you thought.
  • To shore up those holes in your energy bucket with easily integrated strategies

The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program

If you would like to hire Heather as a speaker you will also be interested in her Wellness Amplifier Performance Program for you or for your team.

The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program is sourced from 25 years of private practice working with companies from small start-ups to global giants like Microsoft.

This program identifies factors that deplete energy, limit performance, and squash potential. Based on initial data, initiatives are tailored to culminate in a pattern of self-fueled performance and reward.

The goal is to have healthier, happier leaders with optimal performance, greater productivity, and less attrition. This, in turn, leads to a healthier bottom line.

What People Are Saying

Kelly Price, NBKC Bank

“Dr. Heather provided meaningful content with ideas for applications that are immediately implementable and actually create change. Dr. Heather has been a great resource for our organization and employees. I highly recommend Dr. Heather to work with you and your employees – she is fabulous!”

Tony Butz

“I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Denniston present in a professional setting. In describing her formidable presentation skills, words such as ‘charismatic’, ‘clear’, ‘informative’ and ‘effective’ immediately spring to mind. But the word that really emerges for me in describing Dr. Denniston’s style and impact is: ‘Powerful’. The passion, knowledge and empathy she brings to her audience unites in one powerful experience that lingers with the listener for a very long time.”

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“I gained a lot of insights and key learning from the session on wellness that I took part in with Heather. She is clearly a world-class leader in her field and along with her warm and friendly style this was the best session of its type I have ever participated in.”

Human Resources, Microsoft


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