Meridith Alexander stands as an illustrious, bestselling author and a distinguished motivational speaker, renowned for her exceptional prowess in igniting the potential of high-level professionals and entrepreneurs. Through a captivating synergy of motivation and pragmatic insights, Meridith empowers both leaders and teams, propelling them beyond the confines of their limitations.

At the heart of her journey lies a fusion of her compelling narrative with actionable strategies, enabling leaders to grasp how they can harness their own determination, resilience, and fearlessness. She guides them in inspiring not only themselves but also their teams to achieve elevated and gratifying levels of performance. This guidance becomes particularly crucial amidst high-stakes scenarios, unceasing change, formidable competition, and the challenges of roles that might otherwise seem mundane.

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Is your team showing signs of resilience fatigue? Searching for innovative ways to empower your current and future leaders in times of unpredictability? Look no further. Meridith Alexander’s “UNLEASH THE EPIC YOU” keynote has evolved into her signature talk. Timely and impactful, this talk combines inspiration and actionable strategies to ensure your team can bring their best selves forward. As Meridith shares her own experience of facing seemingly “impossible” odds when her daughter was in a life-threatening situation, your team will follow the story while learning strategies to enhance their inner game. “UNLEASH THE EPIC YOU” captivates and educates simultaneously, making it the ultimate talk for your team’s growth.

  • How something as simple as language can inspire optimal performance and amplify ground-breaking results
  • Why “playing the inner game to win” is so much more than positive thinking
  • How to push beyond the place where fears and beliefs typically stop you
  • How deliberate focus can allow teams to use change as a catalyst for opportunity?
  • How to transform disruption, change and unpredictability into impact, influence and income without burning out your teams
  • Why “impossible times” can offer limitless growth and opportunity


Meridith and Schuyler: Redefining Resilience and Mindfulness in a Bold, New World

Meridith Alexander with a live appearance by her daughter, Schuyler. Schuyler, the embodiment of grit and joyous mindfulness, joins Meridith on stage, sharing her message of inspiration. Together, they engage leaders and team members in a Q&A session. Ideal for organizations navigating change, this talk resets morale and steers teams towards unified growth.”


Discover the transformative power of G.R.I.T. as this dynamic keynote takes you on a journey from adversity to achievement. In the face of challenges, how can leaders emerge stronger and more impactful? Meridith Alexander’s innovative message delves into mastering the vital components of G.R.I.T., turning obstacles into unexpected opportunities amid change and unpredictability.

Prepare to shift your perspective and tap into the unexplored potential. With strategic insights and actionable tools, Meridith leaves audiences with renewed passion, clarity, and vision. This empowering experience ignites a surge of positivity and momentum, propelling you to embrace the “I’m Possible” and craft thriving breakthroughs, even amid profound change, personal trials, and uncertainty.

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the keys to creating a mindset that thrives in the midst of change and unpredictability by regulating your fear, focus and communication
  • Learn new techniques for setting powerful goals, tapping into overlooked possibilities and performing at your highest level
  • Understand how the hidden language of your inner narrative can be the catalyst for you and your associates’ consistent success
  • Pull back the curtain on the “blind spot thinking” that prevents most people from transforming the “impossible” into the “I’m Possible”
  • Learn the 3 questions that differentiate great leaders from epic ones

Optimizing Your Greatness and Resilience for a Quantum World

In the fast-paced quantum economy, success lies in mastering adaptability amidst constant change. Dive into this high-energy keynote as Meridith unveils strategies for navigating challenges and maintaining momentum. Drawing from her own journey—surviving a boulder incident that reshaped her life—she empowers audiences to harness resilience and transform adversity into triumph.

Explore the art of agility in an evolving definition of success. Learn to sustain professional excellence amid personal chaos. Meridith’s captivating narrative, born from caring for her injured daughter, resonates deeply. Unveil a fresh perspective on personal stories and team dynamics. Walk away equipped with actionable insights to foster resilience, foster collaboration, and drive remarkable results.

Emerge energized, armed with innovative strategies to instill purpose-driven culture and elevate productivity, profitability, and legacy impact.

  • Explore change as a powerful positive catalyst to creativity, innovation and growth
  • Discover how to identify and navigate beyond the stories that keep you playing small
  • Learn how to accelerate your influence, impact and income by driving and embracing change
  • Understand how other top achievers have thrived in the face of massive unpredictability and change
  • Gain new strategies and immediately actionable insights that can ignite renewed enthusiasm, focus and purpose for you and your team personally AND professionally

Redefining The Way Leaders Embrace Their Boulders (Even Remotely!)

How can we consistently excel despite challenges? Discover the extraordinary potential within us for greater success. In today’s remote landscape, forging culture and unity is vital. Meridith Alexander’s keynote reveals that our true limitation is embracing impossibility. She weaves her inspiring personal journey into actionable strategies that unleash visionary potential and ignite team greatness, even in virtual realms.

Meridith redefines facing challenges, showing how they fuel transformation. Learn to turn change and unpredictability into catalysts for influence and impact. Her tangible examples and proven methods help teams grasp their value within a broader mission, fostering a positive vision. This experience ignites vibrant possibilities, driving boldness both at work and home.

Merging her story with potent tools, Meridith empowers leaders for peak performance, whether in person or remote. Embrace the quantum future, where adaptability reigns, and once-impossible obstacles forge the new normal of the next generation.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the potential of your biggest “boulders” to ignite you and your organization’s highest levels of success even when working remotely
  • Learn how to embrace disruption and unfamiliarity as your rocket fuel
  • Explore how visionary thinking creates unstoppable momentum and unprecedented success beyond the boundaries of mere resilience
  • Discover actionable strategies to achieve even more forward momentum within your team regardless of the circumstances or proximity
  • Uncover why the “old approach” toward managing teams can leave teams struggling and how you can transform this downward trend into an energized, “future-focused” upward trend

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Real Estate Broker Associate at Smith & Associates

Wow!!! Meridith was outstanding at our recent Career Rebound Monthly Meeting! Maybe our best guest speaker ever! What a tribute to her profession, her daughter, and her life! She had us all spellbound!

Direct of Center Management

I highly recommend Meridith as a speaker and a coach. We plan to use Meridith for more of our non-profit and for-profit work in the near future.


“Today’s professional climate demands more than mere bandaids, mindfulness and coping skills. We need a solid new approach to create. Epic lives. Epic leaders. Epic teams.”


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The Sky is the Limit: Sometimes the Limit is Just the Beginning

How the crushing blow from a random boulder taught this Mother/ Daughter team not how to face death but how to choose to fully live! A journey of inspiration and discovery like no other! On February 19, 2016, Meridith’s youngest daughter Schuyler, a recent graduate from Yale, was crushed by a boulder while traveling in Colombia, South America. The doctors weren’t sure that they could keep her alive long enough for Meridith to get down there. On that plane, Meridith realized that she had to make a decision. She could let those circumstances define her forever as “the mother of a child who was crushed by a boulder” — or she could dig deep within herself and become the reluctant hero that her daughter needed right then. She launched a page on Facebook called Schuy is the Limit thinking that she would simply be keeping friends and family informed. She filled it with the light and love and inspiration that she believed her daughter would want. Before she knew it, their followers had expanded into the thousands — many of whom had never met either Schuyler or Meridith.

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“Meredith was our keynote speaker at our recent agency-wide in-service day titled Reigniting Your Passion. Her keynote address was inspiring and uplifting and staff were fully engaged with her.”

Southwest Florida Regional Training Manager


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